Outsourcing is becoming the main management trend of 21st century. This can be seen across both big and small companies from any corner of the world. Today outsourcing is widely used in a large number of industries and IT is not an exception. And today Belarus is considered one of the most advantageous countries for IT outsourcing. Learn why below.

1. Reduce Costs

Outsourcing lets one to cost management much more efficiently. If you consider IT outsourcing to Belarus as one of the options, you can consider price lists from a much bigger amount of companies, which helps one to get the best price possible with no lost of quality.

2. Distribution of Risks

The golden rule of management is ‘Don’t afraid to delegate to others’. With outsourcing part of the job you distribute risks and generally make your life easier. Outsourcing IT development lets one concentrate on marketing part, which makes promotion and production more efficient, no matter whether it is a small mobile app or a big eCommerce platform.

3. European Time Zone

OK, outsourcing is good, but why Belarus? Belarus is located in European Time Zone and is within a few hours’ flight from almost any European capital. This way one can arrange meetings and calls with no damage to your regular working lifestyle.

4. Access to World-Class Specialists

With the help of outsourcing you can make your team a few times bigger with no necessity to rent a new office. You can get access to all sorts of specialists and they not necessarily should be from the city you are located at. Enjoy access to world-class specialists and simply increase the boundaries of your business world.

5. Increase speed to market

And finally, the main reason why outsourcing becomes so popular is that it allows significant increase of speed for delivering a product to market. With making use of it, the route from concept to real live product shortens, which let you introduce your innovative project to the audience much sooner.


These are only a few of the reasons to outsource to Belarus. Try it yourself and find out more of them.

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