Yury Kaliada

CTO at Rubyroid Labs

Shit happens. You should keep these two simple words in your mind every day when you write the next line of code. Even if right now you are working on your best product/service/application that never failed before – believe me, it will fail in future. To endure such fault and restore code and data you should be prepared in advance. So, take a cup of coffee with a cookie and prepare to dive into the world of backups.

Every day we build web and mobile applications to cover needs of our users and make their life better. But ask yourself: what might happen if you have several application under the same brand? For sure multiple applications will have a few pros and cons relative to single application. These differences will include technical, maintenance, design, learning curve, user experience, DevOps, marketing, SEO and other parts. Every department in your company will see different parts as the most vital for the applications. But who is right and where should you put main efforts?

Every Ruby on Rails developer tried capistrano to deploy an application without any pain. It is a great tool with lots of customizations, which can enhance it even more. The difficult thing here is that you have to look through too many useless gems and abandoned information to find a needle in a haystack and improve your productivity. Thus we decided to aggregate our experience in a single article.