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Hiring a new developer is like flying to a new planet – you never know how it will turn out, even if you are an experienced cosmonaut. Nevertheless, there are some tricks experienced “cosmonauts” can use to make the onboarding of a new developer as smooth as possible for both sides. The best thing you can do is to give a newcomer a test project. In this article, we will share easy tricks on how to choose this project right.

Launching a successful startup is like winning Olympic Games – you have to go through enormous amounts of hard work, stress and pressure. But unlike sports, it’s hard to find a suitable “trainer” or simply start working. Y Combinator has recently launched “Startup Playbook”. It might be important for you, so we want to share with you our favorite excerpts from it…

Being a Project Manager is similar to being a conductor of a huge orchestra: though you don’t play actual musical instruments, it is you who defines, how the music will sound. In software development Project Managers often face up with plenty difficulties in improving teams’ efficiency. We have picked easy, yet working tips to help you out.