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Drone Base

Drone software development


3 Full-stack developers

2 QA Engineers


Since 2018


Santa Monica, CA


Drone Industry

Noticeable Results

Drone Base is a professional provider of aerial images and videos for companies from multiple industries including Real Estate, Insurance, Property Management, etc.

Finalists of TIMMY 2019 Awards


Admin dashboard 50% speed improvement


150% development speed growth

Key features

Client analytics solution

ESRI integration

Orthomosaic Stitching

Direct Admin Support

Style Guide


Drone Base is a successful and rapid growth startup with its HQ located in LA. They realized that to be at the top of the industry and compete with other companies, they have to implement new features fast and regularly.

Their main problem was the performance of their internal development team since it was not big enough to complete the huge backlog of tasks needed to be done. At this moment, the founders of Drone Base came to Rubyroid Labs.


When Rubyroid Labs team started to work on the project, we had some communication issues because of the time difference. However, within a short time the development teams got used to each other and found the perfect solution for business hours and working together.

In collaboration with the Drone Base development team and under the management of their CTO, our developers were provided with a number of features in the product pipeline and started the drone control application development.

Orthomosaic Stitching

We work with the system that passes images from drone pilots to the customers. In addition, we offer post-processing of that images - we glue them into a panorama, or compose them into an orthomosaic image. Orthomosaic image means making a picture that can be superimposed on the map.

Client Analytics Page

We developed the customer personal page, where they can see their orders analytics: the total number of orders, mission completion time, statistics on the service packages used, etc. To implement this functionality, we used ElasticSearch to build sample and aggregating functions. On the front-end part, we used the library.

Organization Structure

Initially, each customer could create orders and work only within the personal instance. Our team added the structure of organizations and corporate instances. Now, customers who are in one organization get access to custom packages, and an owner of the organization has access to the orders of all customers in this organization, sees statistics and information of all employees.

Direct Admin Support

In case one of our customers gets any questions or problems regarding the work process in the system, it’s possible to create a temporary private session (10 mins) with the administrator from the Drone Base. Admins are logging in via the current user (using the authentication and security token), and able to see the problem first hand. This helps provide support in a much more effective way.

ESRI Integration

We created an integration of Drone Base with ESRI company (ArcGIS system). Now users can see the new “Integrations” menu on the dashboard, where they can move over the native ArcGIS’s 2-factor authentication. We create the independent layer on customer’s map, which shows the photos for the particular orders. As a result, a user receives an email with a direct link to the updated layers.

Style Guide

The company did not have a common style guide, so we sometimes had to re-create front-end elements in order to match them with the updated design. In collaboration with our in-house UI/UX designer, we created a style guide that included all common elements of the website and recommendations on how to use them. Using this document, we have brought drone app development processes in a single style and cleaned up the project from legacy artifacts.



This is the long-term planning project. At the beginning of the year, there is a meeting with the company executives, where they talk about the goals of the project for a year, and the drone software development team can do some high-level estimates.

Each quarter we also have a meeting where we discuss and estimate tasks in details. The development process is split into 2-week sprints. We have daily stand-ups with the team where we discuss progress, plans, and questions. At the end of each sprint, we have a detailed demo session with the operational management of the Drone Base.

Task tracking: Jira, Redmine

Calls: Google Hangouts

Main communication: Slack

Meetings time: 10am PST


Drone Base is the ongoing drone software project, where Rubyroid Labs team has been working for several years now. We constantly improve existing functionality, add extra features and maintain the legacy code. Four times a year we have clean-up sprints, where we close all the technical debts (perform refactoring, make some staff that will not bring a benefit from the business side, but will be useful for the development process). Thanks to that, the client always has a clean, secure and maintainable code.

Our team is proud to be a part of this project, and we predict a long and stable partnership with the Drone Base team. This year, Drone Base was a finalist of TIMMY 2019 Awards as one of the best Tech in Motion startups in Los Angeles.


How It Looks



User-friendly client page to see orders analytics, statistics on the service packages used, etc.

Organization owner has access to the statistics of all organization accounts.

ESRI integration allows adding new objects on the map.

Detailed mission information in the admin panel.

Hear from the Customer

Tomas Becklin

CTO Drone Base

The most impressive factor about Rubyroid Labs has been how excited the team is to work with us. They even visited us for two weeks in our HQ. Their enthusiasm has been much appreciated as Rubyroid Labs has helped us build the company.

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