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Revolutionary E‑commerce Beauty Platform

Volition is a Kickstarter-like platform for beauty products. Resource, where people can submit ideas for new products and vote on existing ones



1 project manager

1 lead engineer

2 engeneers


2015 — ongoing


United States, California


The founder of Volition came to Rubyroid Labs on the recommendation of her friend, with an idea to create an open and transparent collaboration platform where every beauty product will be created by community. The platform needed to meet all modern requirements for web applications - responsiveness, stability and adaptivity.

We had to build a website that could handle the data on the backend, help us put the products up for voting, and aggregate the votes. The concept behind our company is that we only launch products that our community has submitted and chosen. We're a crowd-sourced beauty platform in that sense .

Patrisia Santos

CEO Volition Beauty


Since the process is heavily based on the customer experience, it was extremely important to create not only an efficient, but also a user-friendly solution. To launch and test the innovative approach in marketing that Volition suggested, the development was split into 2 phases.

The first phase was focused on the 'collaboration' part of the platform so the customers could start benefiting and testing their ideas immediately.

In the second phase major features were added such as:

—  Voting system

—  Products promotion system

—  Social integration

—  Payment systems (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery)

—  Customer review aggregation system

—  Retention science marketing automation

We developed a web solution based on a popular library for e-commerce applications - Spree Commerce. This choice allowed us to implement a solution as quickly as possible. Development of a beta version was started in May. Volition was able to launch the voting system in July, and the most important e-commerce section, in October.

Since the successful start in 2015, we systematically redesign individual pages, added new functionality to the system, integrated various advertising (Facebook and Google merchant center, Instagram integration (marketing and advertising)), analytical (Google analytics, Facebook pixel) and marketing services. Rubyroid Labs is constantly improving the UX of the project, so that the interface remains fresh and modern.


On demand


Skype, Email

Task Tracking



How It Looks



volition volition volition volition volition volition volition


Today, Volition is a modern and efficient e-Commerce beauty platform. Its fresh layout matches its fresh approach to the way the goods are made and sold. Social integration has already brought more than 100.000 satisfied users and the community around the Company is extremely strong and supportive. In August 2016, Volition had a television network debut in a full-hour show. The station reaches more than million households, so Volition distributed company within months. Rubyroid made sure that everything would work well on the site and that platform could handle the inbound traffic. It has worked flawlessly with no major issues for more than two years.

Today, the customer has a fully-functioning e-commerce system with a number of great features that helps thousands of people to take part in creation of the beauty products that they really want.





Hear from the Customer

Patricia Santos

CEO Volition Beauty, USA

I appreciated Rubyroid's responsiveness and how on-the-ball they are. We are in communication regularly, and Rubyroid Labs is integrated into our day-to-day operations.They work as our in-house developer and simply happen to be located in Belarus.

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