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Messenger Marketing Software Development

Chatchamp is the Messenger Marketing software for E-commerce. It connects stores and Facebook pages with bot-building software for Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp


2 full-stack developers

1 lead developer


Since 2018


Munich, Germany

Noticeable Results

Chatchamp has won 1st place for «Innovation of the year» at E-Commerce Germany Awards 2019 and raised funding on the Series B investment round!

Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement 620% increase

Lead Generation

Lead Generation 180% increase


Cost-per-lead 50% decrease


Using several solutions (like Lead Generation, Retargeting and Retention), Chatchamp helps business owners to grow their sales and keep customers updated with all the company news. Chatchamp connects stores and customers through Facebook or WhatsApp bot. It’s possible to create campaigns, notify about abandoned items in the cart, etc…

The main challenge was legacy code which left on the project from old developers, some major front-end issues, as well as scalability and database problems.


Front-end on the project originally was started as simple jQuery functions, but as the project grows - it starts becoming more and more complicated. Our goal was to replace that code with the modern react.js framework and make it more maintainable and organized. Since the application was growing, there was a need to optimize database requests as well as adding cache. After that, Rubyroid Labs team implemented a new interface for creating modal pop-up using React. Our team constantly improved existed features and develop new ones.

The next features were implemented:

—  Drag and Drop Campaign Builder

—  Retargeting tools

—  Integrations

—  Clients’ dashboard

—  Marketing automation tools

—  Smart segmentation



Our team had daily calls with the customer where we discussed all the updates. Each Monday, instead of regular conversation, we had weekly planning where executives of the Chatchamp provided us with information about the tasks for the next week.


Daily calls



Google Hangout

Task Tracking


How It Looks




Today “Chatchamp” is an indispensable tool for B2C E-commerce businesses. Marketing solutions provided by this platform helped to increase audience engagement up to 620%, which is incredibly effective. Lead generation increased to 180% and Cost-Per-Lead decreased by 50%. With the help of Rubyroid Labs, the platform works stable and secure. Owners of Chatchamp successfully won the second round of funding, and continue to develop and improve their platform.


Hear from the Customer

Dominik Grusemann

CTO Chatchamp

The partnership is a close collaboration that benefits from Rubyroid Labs’ teamwork approach. The team has delivered quality results and helped improve performance with additional tech stacks.

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