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Transform your customer service, boost your employees performance, and uncover new business opportunities by leaving the routine tasks for your CRM.

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Rubyroid Labs covers custom CRM system development, taking projects from concept to market‑ready products. Since 2013, we have been building software for startups from accelerators to companies of all sizes worldwide.

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Featured CRM projects

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Rocket wash

Car washing

We built a custom CRM software solution for car wash companies that use the same customer app. The CRM allows them to manage and automate bookings, monitor employee performance, handle finances and more.
More than 100 companies use the Rocket Wash CRM.
featured Projects Crm
Big Purple Dot

Real estate

Big Purple Dot used our help to improve its CRM database, allowing real estate agents and companies to manage leads across various sources.
Big Purple Dot registered a 12% rise in user satisfaction and a 15% growth in daily usage.
featured Projects Crm
Sail Croatia


Rubyroid Labs helped Sail Croatia automate cruise sales around Europe through custom CRM implementation.
The CRM we built cut manual work by 70% for Sail Croatia.
Custom CRM development services

Our reputation as a trustworthy provider is founded on our capability to deliver effective custom CRM solutions for all industries through our various CRM software development services.

CRM-SaaS development

You have a CRM-as-a-service idea, and you need to build a CRM platform from scratch. Our developers will help you narrow down your minimum viable product (MVP), change it until you find a market fit, and take the final product to the point where it runs smoothly.

CRM system upgrades

Your existing Ruby on Rails–based CRM system lacks business-critical features or is plagued by security concerns. Hiring dedicated CRM developers from Rubyroid Labs will ensure the integration of those missing features and safeguard the integrity of your customized CRM software.

Mobile CRM development

You can access all critical data on your smartphone, tablet, or other device. Portable customer platforms, built on mobile technologies, facilitate knowledge sharing, task tracking, and collaborative processes, empowering each team member to stay updated on real-time client data.

CRM migration

Change your low-performance CRM system and improve your customer relationship management experience by building custom software. We can develop a new CRM and oversee the entire migration process, from assessing potential risks to customizing data import strategies and conducting thorough testing.

CRM integration

Connecting all business applications with a CRM system empowers you to manage data silos within an all-in-one CRM software solution, featuring continuous updates and synchronization. Such CRM integration boosts productivity by ensuring robust sales and marketing processes, as well as data accuracy.


You are a CRM software development company, and you need more specialists to join your projects. You can push the limits by adding our CRM experts to your team. Our mid-level and senior specialists, with an average 4-year commercial experience, will readily adapt to your work environment and offer solutions to complex problems to meet all requirements.

Custom CRM software development

You need to optimize your company's workflows, such as request handling, document flow, logistics, or marketing communications. Our team of skilled software developers will transform your requirements and priorities into a custom-built CRM software solution that automates manual tasks and reduces time spent on routine activities, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. Just like we did for Sail Croatia.
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Why use our custom CRM development


Specific industries

We have developed the best CRM systems for industries like travel, real estate, automotive, and more.

Advanced systems

The CRMs we’ve built have included over 50 modules each for managing finance, employees, and more.

Process automation

We have automated processes like order flow, accounting, warehouse, HR, analytics, etc. for our clients.
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What to expect from working with us


Tap into the custom CRM development expertise of our programmers with 4–6 years of work experience.

Easy communication

Talk in English directly with everyone on your team. Use digital communication tools that have proven themselves through many successful CRM app development projects.

Work in your business hours

Use our custom CRM development services during your workday. Companies from the USA, Europe and Australia have enjoyed outsourcing programming jobs to us.
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A step-by-step CRM development process

Rubyroid Labs' CRM software development process is fully transparent due to its Agile methodology. The standard CRM platform life cycle includes the following stages.



At this stage, we:

  • Gather requirements for your CRM through interviews and analysis of your business processes.
  • Examine your processes, including the scope of manual work, pain points, and time-consuming tasks.
  • Plan a detailed specification


At this stage, we:

  • Develop user personas and user stories to create a product that will cover the needs of the target audience
  • Create clickable prototypes and wireframes.
  • Complete wireframes into final designs.

CRM development

At this stage, we:

  • Implement all features and designs planned for the CRM platform.
  • Review the code for potential problems.
  • Create APIs for the CRM system integration.


At this stage, we:

  • Evaluate the functionality, integration, compatibility, and usability of the CRM through comprehensive testing.
  • Fix possible bugs and improve features.
  • Strengthen the security of the CRM and provide the utmost confidentiality.

CRM production

At the final stage, we:

  • Launch your product.
  • Assist in maintaining your software.
  • Review the final product for updates.
Our custom CRM development company reviewed

More than 40 clients have given us the overall 5-star review rating on Clutch, an online B2B catalog.


It doesn’t matter if we need to implement new complex functionalities or fix a difficult technical issue, they always find a solution.

Andrew Boriskin, Rocketwash

Rubyroid Labs has provided very high quality and professional service to Sail Croatia. This has led to our working relationship lasting over a year and still going strong! We would recommend them to other potential customers.

Justin Christensen, Sail Croatia
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Three engagement models

Choose how to use our custom CRM development services.

Fixed price
Choose a fixed price if you have:
  • project specifications
  • technical documentation
  • a clear and detailed description of your expectations
What to expect:
We estimate your CRM development cost and build the product within the price tag.
Time & materials
Select the time and materials if:
  • it’s hard to say exactly how much work it will take to build a custom CRM
  • you have no project documentation we could use
  • your requirements might change as we work
What to expect:
We study your idea, roughly estimate the cost of the product development, and charge you per hour of work.
Dedicated teams
A dedicated team is for you if:
  • you need developers working for you full-time
  • you want to manage developers yourself
What to expect:
We give you a team of CRM developers, and you make the best use of them.

Estimate your CRM development project

Find out how much our custom CRM software development services will cost for your product.

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What is CRM software?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management software. It is a system that helps businesses of all sizes optimize workflows and manage interactions and relationships with customers. A comprehensive CRM solution enables businesses to automate typical manual tasks and organize and synchronize core processes such as customer service, sales, marketing, and technical support. Using a CRM can leverage new business opportunities by ensuring the smooth operation of a company's processes.

    When does a business need a CRM system?

    If it has become hard for you to manage leads, track customer data, and handle several accounts, and you spend a lot of time on repeated activities that could be automated, you should seriously think of using a CRM system. Management software will help your sales staff work more effectively and give precise insights for successful future strategy planning.

      How much does it cost to develop custom CRM software?

      Estimating the cost of a CRM system on the spot can be challenging. The average pricing typically falls within the range of $100,000 to $150,000 and depends on several factors, including:

      • Customization needs
      • The number of integrations
      • Data migration
      • CRM’s features and custom modules

      Apart from the points above, there are other details affecting the CRM costs. You can uncover more information in our blog post, where we analyze point by point.

      What are the benefits of CRM?

      CRM software offers a range of valuable benefits that can greatly enhance your business operations.

        Enhanced Customer Insights and Analytics

        CRM implementation allows you to gain valuable customer analytics by collecting and categorizing data. With built-in reporting features, you can analyze this data for patterns and trends, providing valuable insights.

        Improved Marketing and Audience Targeting

        CRM software helps you identify the demographics most likely to be interested in your products or services, enabling you to refine your marketing strategies and tailor your campaigns to specific customer interests.

        Upgraded Customer Service and Engagement

        By using CRM software, you can understand what your clients like and dislike, allowing you to tailor your customer service and enhance overall engagement, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

        Efficient Data Organization

        A CRM organizes your data on one centralized platform, making it easier for you to access and act upon the information you need. With streamlined data organization, you can save time, minimize errors, and make informed decisions.

        Increased Conversion Rate

        You can drive more sales and boost your conversion rate, ultimately leading to increased revenue and business success.

        Streamlined Sales Process

        CRM software helps streamline your sales process by identifying and resolving bottlenecks in your sales pipeline. This optimization enables leads to move through the pipeline more efficiently, resulting in faster and smoother conversions.

        Improved Team Collaboration

        CRM software facilitates effective team collaboration by ensuring that all team members have access to the same customer information. With shared data, your team can work together seamlessly, avoiding duplicate efforts and improving overall efficiency.

        Accurate Sales Forecasting

        CRM software simplifies the process of generating sales forecasts by providing easy access to relevant data. With comprehensive reports and insights, you can make more accurate predictions, aiding in budgeting and production planning.

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