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Rubyroid Labs covers CRM system development from concept to market‑ready product. If you have a unique idea of how to improve customer relationship processes and you need a tech team to turn that idea into software, we can help.

As a custom CRM development company, we have been building software for startups from accelerators and small−to−large companies globally since 2013.

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Featured CRM projects

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Rocket wash

Car washing

We built a CRM for car wash companies that use the same customer app. The CRM allows them to manage and automate bookings, monitor employee performance, handle finances and more.
More than 100 companies use the Rocket Wash CRM.
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Big Purple Dot

Real estate

Big Purple Dot used our help to improve its CRM, allowing real estate agents and companies to manage leads across various sources.
Big Purple Dot registered a 12% rise in user satisfaction and a 15% growth in daily usage.
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Sail Croatia


Rubyroid Labs helped Sail Croatia automate cruise sales around Europe through custom CRM development.
The CRM we built cut manual work by 70% for Sail Croatia.
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Why use our custom CRM development


Specific industries

We have developed CRMs for industries like travel, real estate, automotive and more.

Advanced systems

The CRMs we’ve built have included over 50 modules each for managing finance, employees and more.

Process automation

We have automated processes like order flow, accounting, warehouse, HR, analytics, etc. for our clients.
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How we can help you

See how our CRM developers can help you hit your business goals.

A CRM-SaaS development

You have a CRM-as-a-service idea and you need to build that CRM from scratch. We can help you narrow down your minimum viable product (MVP), change it until you find a market fit and take the final product to the point where it runs smoothly.

An in-house CRM from scratch

You have an idea for a CRM to help your organization to solve specific problems. Rubyroid Labs can help you develop that idea into software and improve it as your priorities change down the road.

CRM improvements

Your Ruby on Rails–based CRM is missing some business-critical features or has security issues. Use our custom CRM development services to build those features and protect your application.

Business automation

Some of your business routines take your staff too much time. Those could be request handling, document flow, logistics, or marketing communications. We can help you automate those routines and cut manual work with custom CRM solutions — just like we did for Sail Croatia.
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You are a CRM software development company and you have your plate full. You can push the limits by adding our CRM experts to your team.
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What to expect from working with us


Tap into the custom CRM development expertise of our programmers with 4–6 years of work experience.

Easy communication

Talk in English directly with everyone on your team. Use digital communication tools that have proven themselves through many successful CRM app development projects.

Work in your business hours

Use our custom CRM development services during your workday. Companies from the USA, Europe and Australia have enjoyed outsourcing programming jobs to us.
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Your CRM built step by step

See how we work as a custom CRM development company.


  • We study your idea, target audience and competitors and decide which technology to use.
  • We draw up project documentation.
  • We create prototypes and wireframes.


We complete wireframes into final designs.


Our developers write code and implement the designs. We review the code for potential problems.


Our QA engineers test the software.


  • We roll out the CRM and it goes live.
  • We help you maintain your CRM.
Our custom CRM development company reviewed

More than 30 clients have given us the overall 5-star review rating on Clutch, an online B2B catalog.


It doesn’t matter if we need to implement new complex functionalities or fix a difficult technical issue, they always find a solution.

Andrew Boriskin, Rocketwash

Rubyroid Labs has provided very high quality and professional service to Sail Croatia. This has led to our working relationship lasting over a year and still going strong! We would recommend them to other potential customers.

Justin Christensen, Sail Croatia
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Three engagement models

Choose how to use our custom CRM development services.

Fixed price
Choose fixed price if you have:
  • project specifications
  • technical documentation
  • a clear and detailed description of your expectations
What to expect:
We estimate your CRM solution development cost and build the product within the price tag.
Time & materials
Select time and materials if:
  • it’s hard to say exactly how much work it will take
  • you have no project documentation we could use
  • your requirements might change as we work
Expect this:
We study your idea, roughly estimate the cost and charge you per hour of work.
Dedicated team
A dedicated team is for you if:
  • you need developers working for you full-time
  • you want to manage developers yourself
Expect this:
We give you a team of CRM developers and you make the best use of them.

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