Ruby on Rails Consulting & Code Audit

As a Ruby on Rails consulting company, Rubyroid Labs can check your system for vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. Consult us to reduce IT expenses, avoid costly development mistakes and build a stellar product.

What makes Rubyroid Labs a reliable consultancy

We’ve built Ruby on Rails software for such enterprises as Mastercard, Volvo and Toyota.


Ruby on Rails code reviews performed during last year

Our core expertise is Ruby on Rails, we know its specifics and potential bootlenecks.


days on average needed for the review


years of experience of senior level specialists performing our reviews

We are experienced in working with startups backed by Y Combinator, Seedcamp, and other accelerators.

How Clients Rate Our Work

Our clients have rated us 5 out of 5 on Clutch*, placing us in the top 10 Ruby on Rails development companies.

* Clutch is the world’s most visited software company сatalog.

What Ruby on Rails Consulting Includes

*Ultimate Hack
Leave the headache of discovering technology, hiring and managing developers, testing and launching products to us. Send us a message, and you will get a dedicated team of experts working on your Ruby on Rails project within one week.
We have completed more than 150 successful client projects since 2013.

When to Review Your Ruby on Rails Application

Here is when you should use the services of a Ruby on Rails consulting company.

You need to assess a technology business before buying or investing in it.
You are not sure about how secure your web/mobile app is.
Your app’s code was custom-written by different developers.
Your software hasn’t been updated for a long time.
Your application is slow and buggy.
You need to ensure the quality of your platform before pitching it to investors or buyers.
You have been struggling to scale your software, plug in third-party tools, or add new features.
The development of your project seems to be progressing slowly.
You want to know what works well and what could work better in your app.

How Our RoR Consulting Works


Submit a request for an expert RoR audit.


Send us an NDA. Once we’ve signed it, give us details and show us your code.


Our senior expert will audit your code, using a combination of manual and automated methods.


The expert will call you and present the report, including any issues found, suggestions, forecasts, and an action plan.

Examples of How Software Review Solves Problems

Here's how a software audit can make companies using Ruby on Rails more efficient and secure.


Saved up to 20% of expenses

for Brandscope

Brandscope is a retail business whose sales slumped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It urgently needed to reduce operational costs, including IT.


We reviewed Brandscope’s infrastructure and discovered that it used unnecessary expensive features of Amazon Web Services. Reconfiguring AWS subscriptions saved the company up to 20%.


Evaluate the condition of an app

for YellowFish Ventures

YellowFish Ventures wanted to buy a technology business. It needed RoR consulting to find out how much investment the software would require.


We found significant security and business-logic flaws in the code. Fixing those flaws and updating the codebase would have required a lot of work. This information helped YellowFish Ventures calculate costs against profits of buying that company.


Propose security improvements

for Keepabl

Keepabl helps companies comply with GDPR, the overarching data protection regulation in Europe. Its customers expect the ultimate in safety and security from the software.


Upon reviewing Keepabl’s code, we handed the company a report that gave it peace of mind. It also included suggestions on how to improve the code for further development.

What Our Clients Say

Their meticulous and detailed approach was simply outstanding. Rubyroid Labs delivered an exceptional report to the company. They also demonstrated a perfect workflow by maintaining consistent communication with the client.

Robert Baugh

Founder and CTO, Keepabl

The engagement provided a fresh set of eyes that helped the client fix any code or security errors. Rubyroid Labs is collaborative and communicative, establishing a seamless partnership. The team is professional, dedicated, and easy to work with.

Hec Heenan

Founder and CTO, Brandscope

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