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Rubyroid Labs provides UI/UX design services as a separate project and as part of full-cycle development. We study your business goals and target market and deliver intuitive user experience designs and interfaces to help you turn clicks into profits.

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We offer UI and UX design services

Our design team can help you with the following UX / UI design services:

Design from scratch

Our UI & UX designers will thoroughly examine your concept, product idea and user needs to develop an engaging interface with intuitive navigation.


You want to make your existing digital product more user-centric. Our design team will review your software, listen to your claims, and improve your design accordingly.

MVP design

The UI and UX service designers will transform your requirements into a clickable wireframe that you can pitch to stakeholders before initiating the entire product development.

UI / UX design audit

We provide a thorough UI/UX design audit, delivering a detailed analysis of your product's usability. Additionally, you will receive customized interaction design and UX strategy aligned with your user personas and user stories.

Featured interface design projects

Our work in figures

Since 2013, our dedicated UI/UX design agency has been creating graphic designs for mobile and web digital products across various industries, from real estate to healthcare, and from ecommerce to automotive. creating new products.Our focus is on developing a clear information architecture that enhances the digital experience of your target audience.

30+ apps

created for startups from Y Combinator, SeedCamp and other accelerators

11+ years

of design experience

25+ design solutions

for large enterprises

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How we work

Learn about our product design process.



We interview you about your project to outline goals and concrete steps.



When designing from scratch: we put together all the requirements and materials to do user research and analyze your competitors.


Prototype / Wireframe

We create a prototype, or wireframe, based on your requirements and our analytical data.


Visual design

We develop the general UI/UX design concept and lay out each page and screen in Figma.



We implement the designs.



Our designers working on your project vet the designs once those have been implemented.

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Best practices checklist from Rubyroid Labs

Rubyroid Labs aims to create a UI/UX design that checks the following boxes:

The design aligns with your brand message, industry, and business specifics.
Your target customer can quickly grasp the idea of what your software is and why they should use it.
Your application or website helps the end user achieve their ultimate goal.
People don’t bump into roadblocks or get stuck while using your application or website.
Your custom software meets the expectations of your stakeholders.

Meet our design experts

Rubyroid Labs website was designed by this team.

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Why work with us

Enjoy Easy Communication

Remote collaboration only works when the partners walk on common ground. To achieve that, we:

  • speak English (all of our development crew, not just the project managers)
  • let you talk directly to any project team member using proven collaboration tools
  • adapt to your business hours or set overlap hours for daily sync-ups depending on the time difference.

Save money on development

Rubyroid Labs will design your software’s interface with the overall functionality in mind. Our designers, together with our programmers, estimate how much developing a feature will cost and suggest how to build its prototype fast and cheaply.

Tap into diverse experiences

We have developed complex products for companies in a plethora of industries, including eCommerce, automotive, media, fintech, lifestyle, travel and insurance.

Know how much time software development will take

With clickable wireframes that we create, you can estimate how much time it will take to build the product and plan the development ahead.

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Reduce your IT project risks with a discovery phase service

Discovery phase service is designed to deliver results that set you on the path to success. Through a collaborative approach, we uncover valuable insights and provide you with a roadmap to success.

  • Gain a clear understanding

    We invest time and effort to deeply understand your business, its objectives, and challenges. This enables us to develop a solution that is tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your vision.

  • Mitigate risks, maximize rewards

    By conducting a thorough analysis, we identify potential risks and challenges early on. This allows us to develop strategies that mitigate those risks, giving you peace of mind and boosting the chances of project success.

  • Streamline processes for efficiency

    Our analysis uncovers any inefficiencies or bottlenecks in your existing processes. By providing recommendations for optimization, we help you streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and save valuable time and resources.

  • Make informed decisions

    Armed with data-driven insights and recommendations, you can confidently make informed decisions about your project. Our analysis empowers you to prioritize features, allocate resources effectively, and make strategic choices that will have a positive impact on your project's outcome.

Angelica Bursevich

Business Analyst at Rubyroid Labs

Collaboration is key to achieving your goals, and we’re committed to guiding you every step of the way. During Discovery phase we will dive deep into your business challenges, elicit product requirements, identify stakeholders and create a preliminary project plan. That's all about building the right product that meets business objectives and satisfies clients' needs.

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What our clients say

Rubyroid Labs is in the top 10 web development companies and the number one Ruby on Rails developer based on Clutch review ratings. More than 25 clients have contributed to our 5 stars on the B2B catalog website.

Rubyroid Labs’ developers have integrated themselves into our normal development process. They have skilled employees and a great culture. Their team spirit makes Rubyroid Labs a pleasure to work with.

Dominik Grusemann, CTO Chatchamp

Rubyroid Labs was tasked with designing customer relationship management software for a business consulting firm. They were very efficient in their planning. I was very impressed by how structured and organized they were.

Kamron Nelson, Business Growth Partners

Besides providing solid expertise in technology, Rubyroid Labs helped us see a bigger picture of the business strategy we were developing. Their team did a great job building our unique beauty platform that allows the community to participate in creating new products.

Patricia Santos, CEO Volition
How you can work with us

Choose the outsourcing model that meets your criteria.

Fixed price
  • you have project specifications
  • you have technical documentation
  • your expectations are clear and concrete.
What happens:
We carry out your project within an exact budget.
Time & materials
  • you don’t know exactly how much work it will take
  • your project documentation is poor or non-existent
  • you might change your requirements in the process.
Expect this:
We roughly estimate your project and you pay per hour we spend working on it.
Dedicated team
  • you need a full-time team
  • you want to manage the development process.
Expect this:
We handpick a squad of developers with the right skills to work under your command.
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Estimate your project

Please fill in this form and our manager will contact you within one business hour. We can sign an NDA and begin project discussions. Our team will analyze your requirements and propose actions to bring your idea to life.

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What is the difference between UI and UX design services?

UI stands for user interface.
UI service involves creating aesthetically appealing and user-friendly interfaces that are visually consistent and intuitive to navigate. UI designers use various design principles, color schemes, typography, and iconography to craft visually engaging screens, buttons and other interactive interfaces that look visually appealing and easy to interact for the users.
UX stands for user experience.
UX design services focus on overall user satisfaction when interacting with a product. UX designers aim to understand the users' needs, behaviors, and motivations to create meaningful and enjoyable user experiences. They conduct extensive user research, user testing, and analysis to ensure that the product meets user expectations and provides valuable solutions to their pain points. UX designers focus on the usability, accessibility, and efficiency of the product, ensuring that it delivers a positive and seamless experience throughout the user journey.

How will UI & UX design services help my product?

UI and UX consulting services can improve your existing product or guide the creation of a new one. By leveraging user-driven design principles, these services ensure that your product is user-friendly, aligns with your customers' needs, and enhances customer engagement and retention.
Furthermore, these services offer deep insights into user behavior and preference trends, giving your product a competitive edge.

What is information architecture, and why is it vital in the UX design process?

Information architecture is the process of arranging, structuring, and categorizing data inside a digital product or website. It focuses on developing a logical and intuitive structure that enables users to simply browse and locate the information they want.
Information architecture considers factors such as user goals, content hierarchy, and user flows to ensure that the information is presented in a clear and organized manner. It involves designing the navigation, menus, categories, and search functionalities to optimize the user experience and help users efficiently locate the desired information.

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