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Rubyroid Labs is a full-cycle Ruby on Rails development company headquartered in Minsk, Belarus. Since 2013, we have partnered with globally located clients ranging from daring startups to enterprises with a history. We leverage the best Agile practices to help businesses achieve their varied goals and deal with their most pressing challenges using the RoR framework.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

We offer a range of Ruby on Rails development services
Vendor Transition
We will ensure a smooth transition from your current development team.
Dedicated Developers
Reinforce your in-house resources with remote full-time developers.
Rubyroid Labs will update your legacy code and fix bugs.
Building from Scratch
Based on your specs, we will build a new software product, or CRM covering all of its aspects.
New Features
We will develop new product features and seamlessly introduce them.
Our Ruby on Rails consulting team will assist you in scaling and optimizing your product.
MVP Development
Rubyroid Labs will help you move fast from ideation to concept viability assessment.
Web API Development
We will implement and optimize APIs for your software based on your business needs.
Code Audit
Get a comprehensive analysis of your codebase and recommendations.

Ruby on Rails Web Development for Startups

Apart from helping several enterprises hit their immediate goals, we have worked with more than 31 startups backed by Y Combinator, Seedcamp, and other accelerators.
We learned a great deal about needs, fears, and immediate challenges of startups. Request our Ruby on Rails web development services to quickly build your MVP.
As you validate your idea against the market and learn your target audience, you will inevitably need to pivot. Rubyroid Labs will help you adjust product features accordingly.
Once you have found your niche and customers begin to come in greater numbers, scaling becomes a critical necessity. Don’t worry: we will secure your platform’s ability to handle high loads and set a robust data management system.
Contact Rubyroid Labs today and get going toward your dream business
Don’t wait until someone else comes up with a similar idea and leaves you out of the equation
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Build on Top of Popular Platforms

In addition to developing fully custom applications, we have expertise in building on top of platforms based on Ruby on Rails
E-commerce Platforms
Frontend Part
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Rails devs in one office
Successful projects
Years on the market

Boost Efficiency

with Our Ruby on Rails Consulting

At Rubyroid Labs, we do more than providing experienced engineers for client projects and building software from the ground up. Request our comprehensive Ruby on Rails consulting services and we will help you:
Scale your RoR-based product to address the growth of your business
Assess and improve the quality of your current codebase
Strategize further development with a detailed Ruby on Rails development roadmap
Outline priorities in product development to focus on the top-priority things
Identify bottlenecks and possible security issues in the original technology
Establish efficient workflows

Our consulting services are not limited to that.Whatever technical challenges you may be facing, we are ready to help.

Tap into our expertise in Ruby on Rails development today snd save money on inefficient solutions for years ahead.

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Why Us

Our talanted Ruby on Rails developers are ready to support your success

Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer
Full Stack Ruby Developer

* Ultimate hack

Stop wasting your time and resources chasing after, interviewing and evaluating individual RoR developers. Contact Rubyroid Labs today and immediately enjoy the expert level of software engineering.
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How to Calculate

RoR Development Cost?

Estimating the RoR development cost for your project can be tricky because there are too many factors at play. However, you may want to learn more about what affects Ruby on Rails developer hourly rates as this is one of the key cost components.

Selected Projects

Our engineers have built more than 150 successful Ruby on Rails applications

Car Wash Business Automation Software

Car Wash Business Automation Software

We built a custom CRM for RocketWash allowing car wash companies to track employee performance, keep financial records, enable reservations, and more.

More details

Real Estate Data Management Application

Real Estate Data Management Application

Rubyroid Labs developed a data management application empowering real estate businesses with property data from various sources and analysis tools.

More details

Clients’ testimonials

Besides providing solid expertise in technology, Rubyroid Labs helped us see a bigger picture of the business strategy we were developing. Their team did a great job building our unique beauty platform that allows the community to participate in creating new products.
Patricia Santos
CEO Volition Beauty, USA
To me, working with the team of Rubyroid Labs has been an immense pleasure. This company’s professionalism, responsiveness and positive attitude made them an excellent partner. They are always swift on delivering an outstanding job at a fair price.
Fredric Bender
CEO Yoga La Source, Luxembourg
Rubyroid Labs have proven themselves as a dedicated partner at each step throughout the project. The communication between our office and their team has been brilliant from day one on. You can see the expertise behind every feature they developed for us.
Alexander Shostak
CEO bePaid, Belarus
Rubyroid Labs has done a great job at all stages of the development - starting with the preparation of technical specifications, and ending with the support and maintenance of the project. Any problems were solved really fast and with expected results. Now we see our system as we wanted it: fast, stable and secure.
Andrew Boriskin
Founder Rocket Wash, Russia
Our new FSP App had top rankings in the App Store and Google Play for more than a week and our downloads were much higher than they had been in previous years. Rubyroid Labs team was timely and performed well overall. We quickly implemented all of their suggestions and they made all improvements in the blink of an eye.
Marina Beketova
Account Director Pocket Rocket, Belarus
For over a year we cooperated with Rubyroid Labs. As our booking system expands, they develop their service to instinctively match our needs at every stage. Their team has been knowledgeable, reliable and professional. Happy to work with this Ruby on Rails development company.
Justin Christensen
PM Sail Croatia, UK


You will find startups, established businesses, and blue-chip enterprises among our clients

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