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We can build your React Native mobile app from scratch or integrate the framework into your existing app to align with your business goals. Get your React Native mobile app to reach your audience on both Android and iOS platforms, regardless of their device preferences.

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Rubyroid Labs has been in the web and mobile software market for more than ten years.
As a React Native development company, we build mobile apps for clients ranging from startups to corporations. Whether you are in Tokyo, Melbourne, Austin, Munich, or anywhere else, tap into our React Native services to get a stellar product.
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We use industry best practices and leading technologies to speed up the app development process and provide the best possible user experience. With React Native technology, our clients get mobile applications 1.5 times faster than with native technologies. They seamlessly run on Android and iOS, with 90% of the code being reusable across both platforms. This results in faster go-to-market delivery and provides access to a wider audience.

Our React Native development services

Use our React Native application development services to build and improve your mobile app.

Building from scratch

Do you want to build your app but are not sure where to start? We can review your app idea, suggest a development roadmap, design the user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and look, and write the code.

Dedicated React Native developers

If you need to reinforce your programming squad, you can pick top guns from our programmers’ pool. Interview them and choose your full-time remote team member.

Technology replacement

Use our help switching from Java, Kotlin or Swift to React Native and enjoy painless transition.

App improvements

Rubyroid Labs can build new features and modules for your app, enhance its security and connect it with third-party software. We use a variety of frameworks, software development kits (SDK), libraries and open-source tools to do that.

React Native code review

If you have problems scaling or fixing your existing app, our engineers can suggest the best solutions.

Your dedicated React Native mobile app development team

Our specialists will bring your idea to reality, leveraging our design and development experience of 10+ years.

By choosing Rubyroid Labs’ engineers for building your mobile app, you gain the following advantages:

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Agile development approach

Following the Agile approach, we deliver React Native mobile apps of higher quality and in a shorter time. Thanks to regular feedback loops, we ensure that the final product meets the client’s business goals.
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Seamless communication

We are certain that communication is crucial to the workflow. Our specialists actively listen to the clients’ requirements and offer ideas for solving complex problems.
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Improved security

Our React Native developers apply industry best practices to design strong encryption algorithms, secure transmission protocols, and secure storage techniques to reduce risks.
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Applying cutting-edge technologies

We integrate the best modern technologies, such as blockchain, IoT, cloud, and AR/VR to create solutions that provide a strong and visually appealing user experience.
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User-centred design

React Native experts from Rubyroid Labs focus on providing a personalized user experience. By integrating the latest UI/UX design, we create a dynamic and engaging user-centric interface that ensures a smooth mobile experience.

Why build your app with React Native

React Native is an open-source app development framework released in 2015 used for building cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android. By choosing to build your app on this framework, you can save on your budget and allocate those savings towards promoting your project.Here are the reasons for using React Native for mobile app development.


One app for two platforms

Your app will be cross-platform: it will work on smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads, Apple Watches, and similar devices. Whether it’s an iOS or Android platform, React Native will make your app look very much like its native counterpart and do so following best practices in performance and user experience.

Fast and easy to handle

When you change something in your React Native app, the changes apply to iOS and Android. You don’t need to write separate code as with native languages like Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, C++, C#, Swift and Flutter. Therefore, you speed up your development process and get a faster time-to-market.

Real mobile feel and function

You can integrate your dedicated React Native mobile app with most third-party software, enable users to call their contacts from the app and use all mobile features. A progressive web application (PWA) or a responsive web design (RWD) website doesn’t allow you to do that.

Outstanding UI and UX

React Native development enables you to easily create apps with great UI and UX characteristics. You can easily verify that your software operates smoothly, loads quickly, and is overall very responsive. The application's UI will be constant regardless of the target platform, and you can be sure your app runs effectively.
One app for two platforms.
Less expensive.
Much faster.
Zero headache.

Featured React Native app development projects

Use our React Native development services to build and improve your mobile app.

Rubyroid Labs has the highest review score possible.

5.0 for all reviews on independent B2B catalog Clutch.

Why work with our React Native Agency

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At the Rubyroid Labs React Native development firm, our programmers have 4–6 years of experience in cross-platform app development using the React Native framework. The expertise is all yours to tap into. If that is not enough, consider this:

Companies in diverse industries, including travel, fintech, automotive, lifestyle and eCommerce, use apps built by our React Native agency.
Sydney or Chicago, we adapt to your business hours so it feels like working with a local partner.
We speak English. You can talk directly to any Rubyroid Labs’ engineer on your team.
From a raw idea to iOS and Android apps, our expert React Native developers advise, design, code, test, and launch.
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Pavel Pershko,

VP of Engineering at Rubyroid Labs
In my opinion, React Native will remain a trusted choice for app development in 2023. Even recent examples in the market demonstrate as much. Take Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, for example — they rebuilt their Android app using React Native in early 2023. Or fuboTV, a popular US streaming service — they are looking for React Native developers to build a sports wagering app.
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How companies benefit from working with us

We write code but think business. As a React Native mobile app development company, we work to help you spend less, earn more and win customers’ and investors’ love.


Philately, the post-stamp catalog app we’ve built, was downloaded over 1000 times before the client did any marketing. Shortly after its launch, the app got five stars on Google Play and App Store.

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What our clients say

Rubyroid Labs effectively cut down development time for various projects, streamlining the release of new features and updates. The team was quick to adapt to the internal team's work approach. The exceptional quality of their work and their superb attention to detail were the team's highlights.

Justinian Brock, CEO of Vinosmith

Rubyroid Labs’ React Native programmers have integrated themselves into our normal development process. They have skilled employees and a great culture. Their team spirit makes Rubyroid Labs a pleasure to work with.

Dominik Grusemann, CTO Chatchamp

Rubyroid Labs work increased profits by 310% and received effusive praise from customers. Their team was responsive, providing step-by-step guidance through technical documentation. Their ability to implement a variety of functionalities was impressive.

Andrey Boriskin, CEO, Rocketwash
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How you can work with our React Native development firm

We can be your outsourcing partner in whatever way suits you best.

Fixed price
Get your project done within an exact budget.
  • you can provide project specifications
  • you have proper technical documentation
  • you want specific functionality.
Time & materials
Pay per hour of our work on your project.
  • you don’t know how much work it will take
  • you can’t provide proper technical documentation
  • your needs might change as we work.
Dedicated teams
Hire a remote team focused on your project.
  • you need a full-time crew
  • you want maximum control over the process.
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Get a quote in 3 business days

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What are React Native app development services?

React Native app development services refer to a process of creating applications using the React Native framework developed by Facebook. React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, allowing developers to build mobile apps for iOS and Android devices

    Is React Native good for app development?

    Yes. It is an effective framework used to build mobile apps that work on both iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase. Since React Native leverages native components and APIs, developers create high-performance user interfaces that closely resemble native app experiences.

      What are services in React Native?

      At Rubyroid Labs, we offer end-to-end React Native services, including: consultation services, app design, product development from scratch, a dedicated development team, technology replacement, app improvements, maintenance services, and React Native code review. Our developers have 4-6 years of experience in cross-platform app development using the React Native framework.

        How much is it to build a React Native mobile app?

        The cost of an app depends on several factors. While a precise amount varies from $15,000 to $300,000, it's crucial to note that various elements can impact the overall cost. They include:

        • The size of the development team
        • The complexity of the project
        • Tight deadlines
        • The specific features and technologies integrated into the app.

        How do I run a service in React Native?

        To run a React Native mobile app development service, fill in the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours with the next steps. Specify what you are looking for and additional services you might need. We will make sure your request is fully covered — our team of experts has 4-6 years of expertise in React Native development services and will take your project on.

          Is React Native still in demand?

          Yes. People choose React Native mobile app development services mainly for three reasons. First, React Native is a cross-platform framework. Second, it supports code reusability. And finally, it offers a hot-reloading feature that allows developers to see the changes they make in the code almost instantly.

            Is Netflix using React Native?

            No. Netflix developed their mobile applications natively for iOS and Android platforms. To be more precise, they leveraged Java for Android and Objective-C/Swift for iOS.

              What is replacing React Native?

              There is no direct replacement for the React Native framework. However, there are a few notable alternatives to it, such as Flutter, Xamarin, and Cordova. Out of these technologies, Flutter and Xamarin are cross-platform frameworks, while Swift is a programming language primarily used for developing native iOS applications, and Cordova is a hybrid mobile app development framework.

                Is React Native made by Facebook?

                Yes, it was initially made by Facebook for internal purposes and open-sourced in 2015. This move was well-received from the developer community, leading to a rapid and widespread adoption of the framework. Today Facebook continues to actively maintain and contribute to the React Native project.

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