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Meet our Ruby programmers

Ruby on Rails developer
6.5+ years of experience
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I enjoy creating and seeing the outcome of my work. Besides developing Ruby on Rails software, I have a keen interest in electronics, which has recently led me to explore the fascinating world of drones.
Bachelor of Computer Systems and Networks
Tech skills
Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS/SCSS/SASS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQL, Rspec, AJAX, Nginx, AWS, Capistrano, Digital Ocean, Heroku
Experienced in domains
Finance, Telecommunications, CRM, Real Estate, E-commerce, Fitness, Education
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We’ve been using RoR to build software for clients since 2013. Ten years later, this totals over 200 custom web applications, such as websites, CRMs, CMSs, reservation systems and more. Our experience spans companies of different sizes, including startups, local shops, medium-sized enterprises and large corporations.
Over the years, we’ve accumulated enough tools, knowledge and experience to confidently offer individual Ruby on Rails experts for your project on the outstaffing basis.

Whether you need to

  • build software from the ground up,
  • add programmers to your IT department
  • or find rare skills for your budget,
we can assist you.

Why hire Ruby experts from Rubyroid Labs

Ruby on Rails as a primary tech

Rubyroid Labs exclusively uses Ruby on Rails in web development. We have specialized in this technology for more than 10 years, gaining expertise, training programmers and attracting the best talent. In addition to building the RoR muscle through actual work, we've been growing a community around our company. Rubyroid Labs has hosted more than 20 conferences, hackathons and networking events for professionals and aspiring programmers many of whom have joined our talent pool. Today, you can hire Rails developers of all levels with us to help you hit your business goals using this powerful framework.

Smooth communication

Seamless communication is key to successful remote collaboration. We achieve this by:

  • adapting to your office hours, wherever you are
  • improving our English with native-speaking teachers
  • using a robust collaboration toolset
  • establishing direct channels for all parties
  • using Slack, Zoom, Jira, Redmine, Basecamp, MS Teams and whatever else you’re running on.
Ready to commit to a long-term project

We’ve been working with our first clients for over 10 years now, and we take great pride in our ability to build long‑lasting relationships with them and every client since. On average, our developers work on commercial projects for 2‑4 years, which allows us to develop a deep understanding of our clients' needs and goals.

Strategic thinking to your benefit

In addition to our Ruby on Rails development services, we provide strategic consulting to help our clients optimize collaboration. For instance, one client initially contacted us to hire four senior developers for a project. But after we’d estimated the project scope and outlined a strategy, they ended up hiring two seniors and two mid-level developers instead. This helped them save money on the project while still getting the product built to the highest standards and within schedule.

You’re in control

You can replace developers or stop our collaboration altogether within the first two weeks risk free. No strings attached.

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How to hire the best Ruby on Rails developers

So, you've made the decision to hire the best Ruby on Rails developers for a job. But let's face it, you may not know much about the process. You knowledge can be limited to the type of framework and that you won't be building an in-house team to do it. Speaking of finding the best, you need to look for people who fit your project and help them do their job effectively. Here are a few tips for that.

Make Sure You Know Who You’re Looking for and What to Tell Them

If you're eager to hire a Rails developer, hold on a minute. Before you start, it's essential to understand that a good programmer will ask you many questions. They've worked with a variety of clients, each with different business visions, target audiences, and feature ideas. As a result, they've learned to extract as much information as possible to deliver the best possible product. You need to be ready to present your product idea or software needs thoroughly. And here’s how you can prepare for that.

Consider this when working on a startup

If you’re working on a startup, identify the following:

The target problem(s)

To create a successful product, it's crucial to identify the problem or problems your product aims to solve. Doing so will help your developer understand the ultimate value of the prospective product. For example, Uber built their MVP to reduce the cab wait time. By drawing upon this value, your contractor may even suggest technical solutions that you could have never thought of. This is because a good developer understands how to apply technology to solve problems, not just use it for its own sake.

Your target user

Identifying who will be using your product is as crucial as articulating what problem(s) it will help solve. The user persona will inform design, user experience and technology stack. For example, if you’re developing an app for navigating summer festivals, you are targeting summer festival goers. A typical person like that is a young adult or middle-aged individual who enjoys a diverse range of music genres. They may also enjoy camping, exploring new places, and trying new foods and beverages.

Your competitors

To help your Ruby on Rails experts understand your product idea, you’ll need to provide inspiration and alternatives. Think of one competitor (e.g. “TikTok”) and search for “TikTok alternatives” online. Go over the results and compile a list of similar products. You will later use this list as you explain your vision to the developer, supporting it with relatable examples. You could put it this way: it’s a short video platform like TikTok but it’s for wombat parents.

Narrow down project specifications

Regardless of whether you are building a startup or improving an existing product, you will need to do outline technical specifications. Programmers need them to work quickly and produce high-quality work. If you can't create technical requirements, work with a business analyst. You can hire one or find a development partner who offers the service. At Rubyroid Labs, we offer business analysis as a service, so contact us to save time. Typically, technical specifications include:

System Features

To create a successful product, it's crucial to identify the problem or problems your product aims to solve. Doing so will help your developer understand the ultimate value of the prospective product. For example, Uber built their MVP to reduce the cab wait time. By drawing upon this value, your contractor may even suggest technical solutions that you could have never thought of. This is because a good developer understands how to apply technology to solve problems, not just use it for its own sake.

Functional requirements

Outline key product features and describe how they should work.

Non-functional requirements

Non-functional requirements encompass safety, security, usability, testability, maintainability, extensibility and scalability.

Interface requirements

To articulate the desired user experience, specify interface requirements.

Data requirements

Document all necessary data for software development and operation with data requirements.

Make the current infrastructure accessible and transparent

For a successful product upgrade, you need to have all server, repository and artifact data consolidated in one location. By gathering the necessary data in one place, you’re making it easy to share with your programmer and streamlining the development process. However, it's important to protect the data and ensure it's not used in an unauthorized manner. To do this, have your developer sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of the data.

Prepare the designs

To prevent delays in development, decide whether you require a new design or can use the original design materials. Making designs available is an often overlooked but critical step.

Collect the documentation and make it actionable

When improving an existing product, gather all documentation, including manuals, protocols, and business logic descriptions. Raw materials like meeting recordings and notes will also come in handy. Keep the documentation organized and accessible, so your developer can put it to work right away.

Reduce your technical debt

When transitioning to outsourced Ruby on Rails development, technical debt may slow down and complicate the project. Address this before hiring a developer to avoid further problems.

Determine your project budget

Establish a budget for your project and be prepared to negotiate cost-efficient solutions with your developer.

Assign responsibilities on your end

To ensure effective collaboration, identify and communicate with the specific people who will be involved from your organization and the developer's.

Decide who will test the software pre-release

Clarify who will be responsible for testing the software before release, whether it's an in-house QA team or a third-party testing service.

Set deadlines

To create a realistic project timeline and cost estimates, communicate your deadlines with your developer early on.

Determine who will maintain the product once it’s live

Consider who will be responsible for software maintenance and updates after the initial development phase. Plan accordingly in advance.

Assess the development company

Once you’ve put up a list of candidates, you’ll need to asses them. And to do so, you’ll have to grab your phone and start making calls. Your candidate may be a company offering Ruby on Rails developers for hire. In this case, you will be connected with a sales rep first. As you talk to them, ask yourself: do you like them as a representation of the company? Would you like to work with them? Asking the following questions will help you make up your mind: how many years of experience do your Ruby on Rails developers have?

  • how many years of experience do your Ruby on Rails developers have?
  • which countries and cities do your programmers work from?
  • how big is your development team?
  • what does your tech stack look like?
  • in which industries do most of your clients operate?
  • do you focus on a particular industry or technology?
  • could you describe your Ruby on Rails programming process?
  • who would be included in the development team for my project?
  • what other services do you provide?
  • what are your minimal and maximal prices per project?
  • do you have people who can handle my project available?
  • if we decide to work together, what would be the next step?

You don’t need to jump to a decision right on the call. A developer who’s genuinely interested in working with you will follow up anyway.

Asses individual Ruby on Rails engineers

We at Rubyroid Labs offer our clients a pool of highly qualified candidates to choose from, allowing them to select their preferred team members. You may be considering freelance Ruby on Rails developers, but it's important to evaluate the personal skills of potential team members to make the right choice. Personal skills can be divided into two categories: hard and soft skills.

Hard skills

Hard skills refer to practical competencies. Your team needs to include experts in the following areas:

  • User experience (UX) design;
  • Quality assurance (QA);
  • DevOps (establishing and maintaining software infrastructure);
  • Rails coding (building and configuring the backend of your web application).

Regarding back-end development skills, you’ll want to evaluate how good the candidate is at using the Ruby on Rails framework. To do this, you will need to interview them. There are several theoretical questions that you can ask to assess the candidate’s general competence. Their answers to these four could be particularly helpful.

Soft skills

Technical expertise is important, but it's not the only factor that counts. When building a new product, you need to hire Ruby on Rails programmers who can handle changing requirements without getting frustrated. To get a sense of developer’s personality, ask about their previous experience. Find out if they have worked on projects similar to yours and try to learn as much as possible about their work. Assessing candidates' hard and soft skills can be a challenging task. If you're not up for it, you can delegate it to Rubyroid Labs. We've been growing our pool of talented programmers since 2013 and have developed effective ways to match Ruby on Rails developers to projects.

Allocate roles and responsibilities

To successfully manage your outsourced Ruby on Rails project, you need to organize your team appropriately to the tasks and available resources. Start by appointing a chief technology officer (CTO) and selecting a relevant lineup.

Designate a CTO

You’ll need someone front your team of outsourced Ruby on Rails developers. An individual like this is usually a chief technology officer (CTO). And their technical expertise and interpersonal skills are critical factors in determining the project’s success. A partner interested in your business’s success will be a perfect fit for the role. More than anyone else, they are likely to be there for the team whenever needed to make key decisions about technology. If you don't have a partner who fits this description, don't worry. Many businesses bring in CTOs from the outside. Attend industry networking events to source someone with a mix of an entrepreneurial spirit and technical aptitude.

Select your team composition

When hiring Ruby on Rails developers, you can choose between two team composition models: external and hybrid. The external model involves delegating the entire project to your outsourcing partner. This is your best bet if you don’t have programmers, designers, or testers on your in-house team and hiring is not on the table. Otherwise, you can opt for the hybrid model, in which you hire dedicated Ruby on Rails developers to bolster your in-house team.

Designate a transition officer

If you are transitioning a Ruby on Rails project from your in-house resources to a distributed outsourced team, appoint a transition officer. This person will facilitate communication between the original product team and new developers in a way that the two are on the same page.

In a nutshell

Hiring best Ruby on Rails developers boils down to understanding what product you need to have built and what skills it will take to build it.

Our work

How to hire dedicated Ruby developers

Step 01

Tell us about your project needs. We’ll get back to you to clarify your expectations and requirements. After that, we will handpick the best developers for the job from our roster.

Step 02

Vet our candidates to decide who best meets your expectations. You can take the following approaches to do so:

  • a casual talk
  • an interview about their career path and experience
  • an inquiry into the projects they have worked on
  • asking specific questions related to Ruby on Rails and related tech
  • a technical test assignment
  • a non-programming quiz that will reveal to you how their brain works
Step 03

Hire Ruby on Rails developers from Rubyroid Labs.

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What our clients say

Rubyroid Labs successfully completed and improved the client’s app, exceeding expectations. Their top-notch communication and project management skills resulted in a positive partnership. They were flexible and collaborative on top of their Ruby on Rails expertise.

Mark Hewitt Park, i-Motor, Australia

A skilled and meticulous partner, Rubyroid Labs delivered a product that exceeded expectations. They’re project management skills and clear communication made for a collaborative process. In addition to being responsive, they made a recommendation that ultimately led to the success of the project.

Rick Lusk, Plaus Technologies, USA

For over five we cooperated with Rubyroid Labs. As our booking system expands, they develop their service to instinctively match our needs at every stage. Their team has been knowledgeable, reliable and professional. Happy to work with this Ruby on Rails development company.

Justin Christensen, Sail Croatia, UK

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Do developers still use Ruby on Rails?

Consider this: as of March 28, the latest version of Ruby on Rails was released 14 days ago. It is the third release in 2023. So, yes, RoR is still being actively used.

How many Ruby on Rails developers are there?

More than 175,000 unique users have created and downloaded Ruby gems (RubyGems.org). There is no more reliable source for counting heads in Ruby on Rails development worldwide.

How do I interview a Ruby on Rails developer?

You will need to check both hard and soft skills of your candidate. For theformer, ask them some of the following questions:

  • how are procedures different from blocks?
  • what is the difference between instance and class methods?
  • how do activerecord join table methods (.joins, .includes, .preload) work? What is the difference between them? And what will the SQL code look like?
  • how are symbols different from strings?
  • have you worked on projects similar to mine?
  • are you more experienced in working as part of a large team or as a sole developer for a project?

You will find answers to these questions and more in this article about Ruby on Rails outsourcing.

Is Ruby on Rails a dying language?

Ruby on Rails has matured and, naturally, is not “booming” anymore. This, however, as far from “dying” as it gets. Just look at the progress over the past six years, according to rubygems.org/stats:

Month, yearTotal gemsTotal users
July 2017134,553114,408
November 2021169,094162,815
March 2023175,862175,061

As a result, it’s easier to hire expert Ruby on Rails developers than many other types of programmers.

Is Rails a backend or frontend?

Ruby on Rails is a framework used for backend development. As such, it allows you to build scalable and efficient web applications fast.

Why is Rubyroid Labs the best company to hire a Ruby on Rails developer?

We have more than 50 Ruby on Rails developers ready to tackle your project

How much does it cost to hire a Ruby on Rails developer?

The cost to hire RoR developers can vary depending on several factors, including their level of experience, location, and the scope of the project. An in-house programmer salary ranges from $30,000 to $150,000 per year in the USA and Western Europe. And if you’re looking for freelance Rails developers, hourly rates may vary from below $5 to $150.

How fast can I find Ruby on Rails developers?

Allow for one month before the actual start of the development. Even if you write to a company like Rubyroid Labs now, you’ll have to set aside time for matching developers with your project and booking their time. But sometimes we will be able to put up a team in a couple of days. The bottom line is this: if you have a deadline in mind, don’t delay your decision.

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