Time is money and developers (and especially project managers) know this like no other. Rubyroid Labs Team has picked up for you a set of 4 great tools that would help one a lot with Ruby on Rails development and would simply make life of every developer easier and happier. Can’t wait to have a look at this handy list? Get inside to check all the details!

1. Seedbank

Link: https://github.com/james2m/seedbank

If you love to have everything in place, you will definitely love Seedbank. It helps one to add some structure to your Rails seed data. With this tool data management became so much easier: one simply has to put everything in the corresponding folders and then set dependencies if required. For example, Seedbank is great for setting in what order data should be launched.

Seedbank is easy to use and it’s a great time saver. Keep your data organized and enjoy all the perks of being a neat developer.

2. Groupdate

Link: https://github.com/ankane/groupdate

Groupdate is another great tool for neat developers. It offers an extremely easy way to group your data by the following parameters:

  • second
  • minute
  • hour
  • week
  • month
  • year

As well as:

  • hour_of_day
  • day_of_week (Sunday = 0, Monday = 1, etc)
  • day_of_month
  • month_of_year

Groupdate is regularly improved. Now it supports time zones, allows setting from what day a week should start and sort by descending/ascending order. With this tool looking for something in your data would be so much easier, so why don’t you install it.

3. Airbrussh (updated: default for capistrano 3.5+)

Link: https://github.com/mattbrictson/airbrussh

It’s always better to work, when everything is well laid out and generally looks good. Airbrussh is a well-designed log editor, which helps one look at Capistrano output without their eyes bleeding. With UI and UX improved in Airbrussh, one can enjoy:

  • Reduced repetition
  • Significantly less amount of clutter
  • Better logs alignment
  • Parent tasks mentioned in output
  • Progress bar that appears for commands that take longer than a couple seconds
  • Extremely easy installation process

Airbrussh tool for Tuby on Rails

With Airbrussh Capistrano’s log output is much easier on eyes and much more convenient for use, so in case you long for usability, you might want to give this tool a shot.

4. Bullet

Link: https://github.com/flyerhzm/bullet

Bullet is great helper and time saver in terms of database queries optimization. It tracks N+1 queries and unused eager loading and in case there are any shows alerts and solutions on how to avoid that.

With this little, but handy tool one can easily make his code cleaner and even significantly reduce the amount of database queries, which is always a good thing to do.


We hope these tools would help you to become a more efficient (or at least a happier) developer.

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.


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