Today there are plenty big and small companies that tend to develop their own mobile apps. But is it worth it? Why should a successful company invest in mobile apps? We have picked for 5 very good reasons why developing an app for your store or enterprise might become a game-changing thing for you.

1. Omni-channel sales

The first reason is quite easy: with developing a mobile app of your own you simply create another channel for sales. An average mobile phone owner spends with his device at least 2 hours a day, and there’s a tendency for this time to increase steadily. Besides, The Economist proclaims that by 2020 there would be more than 20 billion of mobile devices in the world. The probability that around those 20 billion there are some people interested in your products and services is enormous. So why don’t you make the first step and offer what you have in a way convenient for your clients.

2. Loyalty cultivation

There are many ways of how a mobile app can serve your marketing needs. It might provide quick update on your new stock, give advices on what is the best way to use your products, serve as an easy way to track order or contact support. To put it briefly mobile app can have many ways of telling your customers how important they are to you. Once you have proved your mobile app is useful enough to be installed, you have established a reliable connection between your company and the end-user. And with some effort put into, this connection can be transferred in a long friendship.

3. Brand recognition

Mobile has been a big trend for the last couple of years. Majority of world leading and countries that already have their own mobile apps have set a trend for them. And now it is also a question of a brand. If all your competitors have their own app, customers would expect you to have it. So in case you want to act from a position of strength, then develop an app before your are pushed into that.

4. Gamification opportunity

It’s hard to find a mobile phone user, who wouldn’t love playing games. Introducing gamification techniques is a pretty good practice for the majority of business areas anyway. But if you don’t really see it at your offline or online store, put it to mobile and enjoy the flow of returning customers.

5. Save on marketing expenses

And finally, being installed on a phone, a mobile app can give you a lot regular marketing can’t. Squeezing in the phone of your clients, you are already getting as close to your customers as possible. So with a successful app you will be able to reduce the expenses on other marketing channel and focus on increasing sales rather than attracting audience.


We hope these points have helped you to consider one more time all the advantages of mobile apps. In case you are ready to make this bold move, don’t forget to use our discount on mobile app development, which is valid until the end of September. Hurry up to get the deal!

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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