Generation Y is a term that is used to name the kids born in late 90s early 00s. Today millenials have come in their teen years with more choice freedom and more pocket money. In the first 2 quarters of 2015 Generation Y shoppers have amounted to 31% of all online buyers. We have looked into this phenomenon and found a few keys to Generation Y heart.


Who is Generation Y?

With no doubts Generation Y is going to become the most influential Internet audience in the next few years. What is important to understand about Generation Y besides their age is that they grew up with a full access to Internet and all sorts of devices. This is the first generation to which Internet is as usual as water and air. No wonder that as soon as they got their own money, they hurried up to spend them online.


Why is Generation Y important?

Today we have a chance and yet some time to prepare for the new era of eCommerce. Very soon today’s teenagers will become well-paid adults with much higher paying capacity. And in case you aim to get a piece of this cake, you’d better start preparing early. Already occupying almost one third of the market, their share is going to grow and influence is going to spread, transforming the rules of online marketing we know.


How to win Generation Y heart?

To make your online store attractive for Generation Y, you should consider what teenagers like and what they are used in offline world. Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. SMS-marketing

Smartphone is teenager’s best friend, so if you want your store to be noticed, try inform young shoppers about sales and promotion you have. If done correctly SMS-marketing, especially in apparel business, can increase you sales by 20-30%.

  1. Social Media Marketing

According to research, a typical teenager spends in social networks at least 3-4h a day. Consider having your own page in Facebook or Instagram for promoting your goods. Social networks are also great for building community – another thing teenagers love and cherish.

  1. Respond ASAP

Teenagers are known for their low attention span. If you are able to answer them back to their questions within 5 minutes, it increases probability of positive purchase decision by 900%. We are sure other generation would also value quick support highly, so try to invest in your support crew a little more.


We hope now you know who Generation Y is and how to treat it right.

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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