Ruby on Rails is the main technology used in Rubyroid Labs and plenty other progressive companies. We have talked with our CEO Valentin Zavadsky about its main advantages and top reasons why your next project should be on Ruby on Rails.

1. Please tell a little about yourself and you experience with Ruby on Rails

I am Valentin Zavadsky, CEO of Rubyroid Labs. I started coding when I was in 9th grade at C# courses. At the time this language was very popular and after a few attempts to learn C++ by myself and literally fell in love with C#. I used it for a long time to create various projects until one day I found myself at a job interview in a pretty big IT Company in Minsk and learnt about Ruby. The website of this language says: “Ruby – Developers Best Friend”. In fact the language has done a real revolution in my life, since it helped me to easily and quickly create things that previously had taken me days to develop. After I learnt Rails framework, I saw that this is exactly what I was looking for all my life. It is fewer than 5 years since then, but even I can’t find a better technology stack than Ruby on Rails.

2. At the moment plenty start ups are using Ruby on Rails. What are the reasons behind that?

As far as I know, Ruby on Rails first became popular among startups. And there are a number of reasons for that. First and foremost, it is the development speed. I don’t know any other framework that can compete with RoR in it. And often the way you adapt and implement your ideas, define the success of your startup. Definition of the startup implies the business in its fast growing stage, which always carries about many changes. The second factor is the community that has formed around the technology. Again, from my own experience Ruby on Rails community is one of the most creative, dynamic and communicative. This is the exact atmosphere a startup should have.

3. Is Ruby on Rails advantageous for web application development?

It definitely is. Today Ruby on Rails is a huge ecosystem with a great amount of approaches, developers and solutions. Only website that has Ruby on Rails libraries has more than 6 billion downloads and 200 thousand libraries that solve various problems. I think these numbers speak for themselves. Development on Ruby on Rails today often resembles cooking process when you have simple ingredients: eggs, milk, olives and cheese. By mixing them together one can get a dish he needs, e.g. scrambled eggs or pancakes. Unfortunately some other technologies have the policy that to get eggs for your dish one has to go to market and buy chicken first. After that take care of it for some time to get an egg. Of course all this can’t but affect the cooking time. In other words, this required more time for development and is as a result more expensive for a client.

4. Please name Top-5 key advantages for Ruby on Rails

1) Speed
2) Cost
3) Ecosystem
4) Community
5) Happiness

5. For what kind of business would recommend Ruby on Rails development?

In the first place this is the level of small and medium enterprises that want to have web and mobile applications to be developed and who need API server. But I also know examples of really big enterprise projects developed with Ruby on Rails. If you need more details it might be useful to have a look at the following presentation.

We hope now you can better understand the spirit and peculiarities of Ruby on Rails development. And if next time you will think what technology to consider for project development, Ruby on Rails will be at least in the short list.

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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