Recently a new CMS system developed on basis of Ruby on Rails 4 has been introduced. Camaleon CMS has already drawn attention of a number of Ruby blogs. We also didn’t miss the new product and have analyzed properly what Camaleon CMS can offer regular users and Ruby on Rails developers.

Though the system is still very young and has only 8 contributors it already shows good chances to become a reliable and popular solution in future. Basically, with steady updates in a year we can see Camaleon CMS turning in to a real competitor to WordPress and a great tool for quick development of Blog website. But let’s have a look at its features in detail.

1. Plugin Library

One of the main signs of a good CMS is a big library of plugins. Camaleon CMS has already made a first step towards that and already offers a bunch of plugins including Analytics, Ecommerce plugin, Contact form, Post reorder and a few others. Hopefully the list will keep growing, which would make creating a website using this solution even easier.

2. Nice Design and UX

Camaleon CMS looks pretty good and modern. Besides it is easy to manage, so it is suitable even for Users who are not very technology literate. Once you open it Camaleon CMS suggests creating your new website, adds a dashboard and other elements. Intuitive design helps one to reduce training efforts and move to using the website quicker.

3. Quick and easy installation

Basically, we can say that Camaleon CMS is a box solution. It adds few files during installation, which is good. It didn’t take us a lot of time to install it, which also improved overall impression. This way even a beginner can create a new blog using Camaleon CMS.

4. Security

Creators of this CMS claim it to have high level of security, which protect the content from the most common attacks, such as abusive requests, cross-site request forgery, SQL injections and others.

Summing up

Camaleon CMS already shows pretty good results. Though having a lot of room for development it is already a solution one can use for creating a simple blog on Ruby on Rails. With further development it might become one of the most popular Ruby on Rails CMS within the next few years. So if you develop content websites from time to time, it might be worth keeping and eye on it.

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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