Product development is the thing that requires a lot of effort not only from the company that is actually going to develop it, but also from the customer himself. We have gathered a list of recommendations for customers to reach the maximum result in minimum time.

1. Know your goals

Knowing your goals would help you and you contractor a lot during the software development. Of course, in majority of cases it would be ‘make the world better’ or ‘earn more money’, but there always would be some more goals, which are answering the question ‘What problem does this product solve?’, ‘How this product is better than others already existing’, etc. With keeping in mind these goals, you will be able to tell which features should be developed immediately and which can wait. It would also help you to develop a more successful and efficient product, since you will be focused on problem solving, not your intuition (but using your intuition is also great).

2. Learn your audience

Another important factor is the audience. The better you know the future Users of your project, the closer you are to bringing the product to them. It is preferable not only to know their age, country and gender, but also the level of computer-literacy and amount of money they are ready to spend on software.

3. Measure your budget and time constraints

Knowing your budget is a must for almost any kind of business. But with software development it is more important to know how quick you want the product to launch. Sometimes it is better not to wait for all awesome features you want, but to launch early instead to get your market niche and then offer a new release. Comparing budget against time would help you a lot in figuring out what is MVP and what is not.

4. Trust professionals

Don’t put too much effort and pressure on you and don’t try to solve all the problems yourself. Remember that you pay your contractors to solve all design and technical problems for you and let them manage the product development themselves. It is more important for Product Owner to focus on goals and vision of the future product than the actual realization. Let your contractors show their skills and this would lead to the smoothest cooperation possible.

5. Keep in touch during the project development

And finally being a part of the project team would let get more insight in the product development and will help you take control of some issues right away. If you keep in touch with the team and find some time to answer problem questions during the development of the project, this would make the result better for all the participants.

We hope these pieces of advice were of any help for you and next time you will know better how to prepare for software development.

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