Gamification is a great way to add some entertaining vibe to your website. Beside, it creates a great chance for you to build returning customers audience around what you sell. Hope, this is enough for you to consider adding some Gamification tricks to your website or at least read this article.

The art of Gamification is relatively young. It gained the first wave of popularity around 10-15 years ago and since then has been in top marketing tricks many eCommerce companies use. Gamification is a technique suitable for very different groups of Users, no matter what age or nationality they are. Marketing theoreticians divide all Users attracted by Gamification into 4 groups:

  1. Enjoyers

They look for pure fun at your store. They like all kinds of interactive quick games. The most popular way to care about Enjoyers is to offer them take part in Fortune wheel.

  1. Networkers

This group of Users likes to make friends and share pieces of advice. They would love to manage a community or mentor newcomers just to establish new connection.

  1. Farmers

These guys are found of gathering all kinds of coupons, bonuses and badges. Unlocking a new prize or option makes them happy even if they never needed it or are not going to use in the foreseeable 10 years.

  1. Self-seekers

Self-seekers see your website as a good chance to establish their leading position. Such customers wouldn’t miss a chance to gain golden or platinum status or become the top User on leaderboard. (And it would be silly of you not to provide them with a chance to do so).


And now let’s have a look at Top-5 popular Gamification techniques you can easily use at your website.


1. Fortune Wheel

Fortune Wheel is the classics of Gamification. It’s hard to find a customer who wouldn’t like to try out his luck; especially of it costs him nothing. Enjoyers would love it for the fun it brings and farmers would see it as a possibility to earn something valuable.

2. Silver/Gold/Platinum Statuses

One should remember that Gamification techniques are much more than paying video games. And even companies with serious and restrained image can find something suitable for them. Silver/Gold/Platinum statuses can provide different kinds of additional services and be earned after a certain amount of purchases or orders. Farmers and Self-seekers will definitely love them.

3. Top-reviewer leaderboard

According to statistics, customers are 80% more likely to buy a product if another customer advises it. This way any store is highly interested in customer-left reviews. Top-reviewer leaderboard and is an easy and free way to encourage your customers to do so. Networkers will find in it a chance to spread their knowledge and Self-seekers a way to achieve the top position.

4. Discounts for sharing

If you want to reach bigger audience a good way to do so is to offer discounts for sharing the link to your website online. Networkers would like it for a chance to mentor someone and farmers will do anything to get a new coupon.

5. Prize hunt

And finally another pretty funny Gamification technique that get especially popular on Easter eve is Prize hunt. Just put prize banners with unique links on some pages of your website and let the hunt begin. Once a User finds such prize banner and goes via the link he gets an access to a special prize. You can limit the amount of Users who can access the link as well as prizes they get. This approach is suitable for all kinds of Users and is generally great entertainment.


We hope you enjoyed our Gamification guide and can’t wait to add something new to your website!

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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