Recently Ruby has announced that about some updates on the support plans for Ruby 2.0 and Ruby 2.1. Check details inside.

Ruby 2.0

Recently Ruby has announced that it stops supporting Ruby 2.0 version. Which means that since now Ruby versions wouldn’t be backported to 2.0.0 and no security or bug fixes will be performed for this version. It has been informed about such intentions long ago, so if you are still using Ruby 2.0, it is better to upgrade it to Ruby 2.2 or Ruby 2.3.


Ruby 2.1

Ruby 2.1 would be supported for a little longer. It is planned to release 2.1.9 version by the end of the March. After that only security fixes will be made. No bug fixes are planned for this version. Besides, it is planed to release Ruby 2.1.10 really soon, and after that to stop any support of ruby 2.1 versions. This way now might be a good time to prepare for transfer to 2.2 or 2.3 now.


What does it mean?

Basically, nothing horrible is happening. Since Ruby, similarly to Rails, issues a lot of updates, it is no use to support all of the versions.

Simply migrate to the newest ones (2.2 and 2.3) and enjoy the latest features and complete support.


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