Development outsourcing can be a key to solving many problems. At the same time, it also bears some challenges for both entrepreneurs and suppliers. Check out 21 questions you should ask yourself to get ready for an outsourcing Project.

Software development outsourcing is like a magic pill for getting rid of a large amount of resource and management headaches. At the same time like any pill, it has some prescriptions to be taken into account.

Have a look at our question list you need to care about before the Project start.

1. Project Initiation

Kick-off phase is one of the hardest parts of the Project. So you better come prepared for it. The better vision of the Project-to-be and business processes you have, the higher are the chances for success. Spend some time figuring out your goals and you will notice how much more conscious your decisions will become.

2. Contract Details

Though Contract might be not the most exciting part of creating a new Project, it is important to discuss every possible case (especially negative one) while you are still on the shore. Don’t be shy to make sure you and outsourcing Company have a similar vision on ways to solve problems and set some rules in the Contract.

3. Resources Management

Outsourcing is all about the resources, so you need to make sure you know how to provide the relevant information to the supplier’s staff. Think about the ways of communication, your accessibility as a Product Owner and ways to solve out the issues that might pop-up. Don’t forget to discuss your concerns with the other side.

4. Technology Issues

The technology stack is also an important factor in the success. Make sure you understand the advantages and limitations of the solution offered. If your technical level doesn’t allow you estimating all pros and cons, feel free to ask the supplier to provide some more details on it.

Though answering these 21 questions will definitely take some effort from you, after doing this exercise you will feel much more prepared for whatever challenges are waiting for you just behind the corner. It will not only reduce general stress and tension but will help you easier manage the whole Project.

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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