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Welcome Rails 5.1.2.rc1 Release

Welcome Rails 5.1.2.rc1 Release

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Ruby on Rails Release 5.1.2.rc1 has just been published. Let’s have a look what improvements it has brought about.

Only recently we were talking with Aaron Patterson, a member of Ruby on Rails core Team.

And now we are welcoming the new release of Ruby on Rails technology. Though this version is pretty humble, it still brings about a number of stabilization fixes and a few nice amendments.

Action Pack

With the changes from Rails 5.1.2.rc1

 now can register poltergeist and capybara-webkit, which is really nice. it also allows setting additional options with the help of 


Action View

This release offers a number of fixes for Action View. Now issues with scope and engine on 

 method. Besides, now you will be able to generate field ids in 



Active Record

With the changes from this release you will be able to restore previous behavior of collection proxies. Besides, loading model schema from database is now thread-safe.

Here are some major changes from the release, full list can be found here.



Vera Rabkina

Business Analyst at Rubyroid Labs



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