Artificial Intelligence is a very complex, yet a very rapidly developing technology. Let’s have a look at some predictions and insights in it to see how it will affect the industry and our lives in future.

1. Job Market Evolution

One of the main trends associated with AI is the evolution of job market. Many people tend to say that robots will come and take our jobs, but such sayings are much closer to 80s science fiction than to the reality.

In fact, AI has all it takes to make our jobs better, not worse. It all is associated with the way employers will implement it in the working process. Of course, the introduction of AI will inevitably lead to some changes – majorly change of workforce: AI will be responsible for generating variants and humans will be responsible for decision making.


2. Human Productivity Enhancement

AI will not only affect the job market, but also the way we deal with tedious & routine actions. It will become the perfect ground for boosting human productivity by automating complex processes, identifying trends quicker and providing us with better prediction of what is yet to come.

Let’s have a look at how different industries can benefit from it.

3. Cyber Security Issues & Solutions

Many people associate the rise of AI with the increase in cyber attacks and security issues. Indeed AI is a powerful tool and in bad hands, it can do a lot of harm. But there is a silver lining here as well: AI will affect both sides of the conflict and with the increase in cyber attacks, the level of cybersecurity will also increase, so no need to worry here.

This way though we won’t be able to avoid cyber wars, humans will still have an upper hand here, since they better than machines think imaginatively and absorb the context.


4. Big Data Support

And now we have come to the point where 2 buzzwords of the 2010s meet together. AI will definitely have a positive effect on big data analysis. And will be irreplaceable in mining less-structured data, working with public clouds and offering automated machine learning for complex tasks.

This will definitely be a good era for the companies that use public data and organize it into data lakes, so that AI could use it and perform high capacity tasks.


5. AI Transparency

And the final trend, without which it is hard to imagine AI developing and going forward is the increase in AI transparency.

Though being a great creative power AI has a lot of work to do in terms of transparency to minimize negative risks for the large public. Otherwise, it is doomed to remain something futuristic, yet hard to understand and implement in real life. People should have ways to control and predict its behavior, which would not only boost its popularity but also provide new horizons for AI implementation.


As you see one can predict quite bright future for AI. And what do you think of it? Share with us in the comments!



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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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