We love our clients and are glad to share the projects we develop with you. Recently we have finished the development of an online fashion store Presli.by. Have a detailed look at this project with the help of our case study.

About client:

Presli.by is a leading website, where women of all ages can find fashionable clothes of any style. This online shop offers a wide selection of clothes, shoes and accessories for customers from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The client asked Rubyroid Labs to create a modern and UX-friendly online store, which should help the Company to increase audience and sales as well as automate the business.

Development and Top Features:

On of the main challenges of this project was that we had to create a high quality website within a very short period of time. A thorough analysis stage helped us to get a very detailed vision of the project and minimize the time required during the planning stage. Here are some of the top features Presli.by can boast of:

1. Payment system integration

Ecommerce case study

2. Social networks integrationEcommerce case study

3. User-friendly basket

Ecommerce case study

4. Convenient catalog with plenty filtersEcommerce case study

5. Full-functioning online store in no time

Ecommerce case study


As a result the Company not only managed to increase its sales, but also occupied a leading position in its niche. Integration with social networks has already helped it to attract more than 27.000 followers. Besides, the website has helped to create a steady online community, where customers share their reviews and fashion recommendations.

Rubyroid Labs listed as one of the Top Web Development Companies of 2020.

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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