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Ruby Power Meet up 2015

Ruby Power Meet up 2015

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Belarus Ruby User Group has announced about the final meet up of this year called Ruby Power. The event will gather all representatives of the large Ruby on Rails community in Belarus. The list of lecturers includes 5 well-known Ruby developers from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Among them will be one of the co-founders of Rubyroid Labs Yury Koleda. Find more details inside.

Belarus Ruby User Group meet ups have already become a good tradition for Minsk Ruby community. It is a great platform for both networking and experience exchange. The event takes part a few times a year and has free admission.

Brug meet up

This time the list of speakers for Ruby Power looks the following way:

  1. Alexey Vasilyev (Railsware) – Crystal: Ruby syntax and C performance
  2. Yulia Oletskaya, Konstantin Reido (Altoros) – Web Push Notification
  3. Andrey Kumanyaev – How we escaped PostgreSQL, or what to do when relational database is not enough
  4. Yury Koleda (Rubyroid Labs) – Ruby and its friends
  5. Sergey Alekseev ( – Hunting down memory leaks

In his report Yury will focus on how to use a few languages in one project with the help of Apache Thrift. He will not only give useful tips on how to do that, but will also discuss pros and cons of such approach. If your project requires combination of Ruby and Java or Ruby and .Net, it is definitely worth coming to meet up and listening to Yury’s report.

See you there.

Vera Rabkina

Business Analyst at Rubyroid Labs



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