Sometimes statistics can do magic and reveal facts that nobody thought could be true. We checked a bunch of marketing reports and picked up for 5 great surprising marketing facts that you can start using for your business immediately. Get inside to check some juicy statistics facts.

1. Show Your Face

Marketing Stats
Today marketing comes in the era, when personal approach matters more than price tags. Show your face in social networks – this would help you to gather your audience and stand out among other companies. Share some news, photos or stories about your brand online and simply make friends with your target audience. If you succeed, you will get some returning customers for many years.

2. Go SEO

Marketing Stats
Don’t underestimate the power of Google Search. And make sure that your marketing budget has some space for it. Even though SEO has changed drastically throughout the last years, today it is alive as never before. And don’t forget to get some nice Google Snippets to stand out on the search results page.

3. Do things in time

Marketing Stats
E-mail marketing has been a powerful tool since it was created. We have already told you some tips on how to do email-marketing properly.

Try sending your emails early in the morning. People tend to read emails when they are having breakfast or just arrived to work. Sending your letters early will help you to squeeze into their morning newsfeed.

4. Use Social that works for you

Marketing Stats
Using social networks for promoting your brand is a great thing to do. But one more thing to keep in mind is that you should know your audience and where it prefers to spend their time. 93% of Pinterest Users are women. No wonder it is so efficient for promoting clothes, jewelry or handcraft goods. If your focus are businessmen, trying getting them on LinkedIn or Google+. Besides, there are many more specialized social networks, e.g. for sportsmen, travelers and all sorts of collectioners.

5. Say a word

Marketing Stats
Having a blog gives your business a good opportunity to give your customer some insights into your Team and behind the scenes stuff. Besides, it gives you a great chance to show your expertise and vision. Having a good blog show how seriously you take your customer and helps you to establish a better connection with him.

We hope these tips will help you to boost your marketing and reach new heights in your business.

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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