Everybody knows that making someone fall in love with is not a piece of cake. And when it gets down to making customers fall in love with your business, things can become really tough. We have gathered 5 statistically proved tips that will help you to win your customers’ hearts once and forever.

1. Show Some Support

Customer Love Statistics
Show that you are always there for your customers by providing high quality support. If you don’t have any budget, even a well written FAQ and instructions will do a lot of good. Besides, you can provide an online chat, email or phone number, where customers can post their questions. Social networks also work great for such things.

The faster you answer, the higher the loyalty of the customer will be.

2. Be Friendly

Customer Love Statistics
Show your best qualities and try to establish friendly relationship with your customers. We all choose with our heart, so don’t be afraid to be funny and open. Providing some nice, human service is no less important than being professional.

3. Protect your Friendship

Customer Love Statistics
In fact, many rules for regular friendship work in eCommerce world too. Remember, that getting a new returning customer is 7 times more expensive than saving an old one. Don’t forget to freshen your friendship up with some holiday discounts, birthday coupons and other nice things. This would help you to get more with little investments.

4. It’s OK to Say You are Sorry

Customer Love Statistics
Everybody makes mistakes. If you received a complaint from your customer, it doesn’t mean that your relationships are over. Say you are sorry and prove it with fixing the situation. Statistics says that customers appreciate that you care about what they think and now are sure that if any question arise, you will be able to help them. So this is a perfect example how to make lemonade out of “lemon” situation.

5. Great Service is Good for You Too

Customer Love Statistics
See high level customer service not only as a way to win your customer’s love, but also as a way to increase profit. By providing attentive support, timely delivery and friendly communication you will create a great image around your brand. So the customers will be ready to pay you more than your competitors just to get nice shopping experience.

As you see making customers fall in love with your business is not that difficult. And it is so pleasant too! We hope you enjoyed this article and are ready now to conquer some hearts!

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