Recently Facebook has decided to unify its conversion trackers and introduce brand new solution – Facebook Pixel. It is a new powerful marketing tool to be used by any company that is striving to converse traffic from Facebook. Let’s have a look what they have in sleeve for us.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Today Facebook is an extremely powerful tool not only to share you selfies or make you colleagues jealous of your recent vacation. First and foremost, it is an extremely powerful tool to promote your goods and services. Until recently, there existed two main services for tracking you success with managing audiences and conversion – Custom Audience Pixel and Conversion Tracking Pixel.

Facebook noticed that majority of marketers use them both to make their Facebook ads most efficient. This way instead of supporting these two tools, they organized them in a new one called Facebook Pixel. They also didn’t forget to add some more nice features, which make it even a better piece of news.

Why Should I Care?

First and foremost, since Facebook is the biggest platform for social advertising that exists today. Currently Facebook share at mobile digital advertising market exceeds 20%, which means that every 5th product is bought as a result of Facebook conversion.

Total revenue brought by Facebook Ads in 2015 exceed 15 billion dollars. Not so bad for social media marketing, right?

So if you want to join the game and win it, you need some way to track your success. Unless, of course, you enjoy following your intuition and acting like a blind kitten. So if you want to make conscious marketing decision, Facebook Pixels is exactly what you need. Let’s see what major features it offers and compare it to previous solutions.

How is Facebook Pixel Different from Previous Solutions?

First, we wanted to write a huge text, describing all the differences, but then we felt some sympathy for you and organized all the data in a handy grid.


As you see, it is much more powerful than previous conversion trackers ever been. And to crown it all, it has a  great new feature of custom conversions, which lets you tune the tracker upon the special needs of your company.

Besides, they have made installation process much easier, improved Facebook live updates much better and introduced Facebook timeline for easier management.

And a Few Hacks for Using Facebook Pixel

If you are new with this sort of services, you might get puzzled by the option offered, so here are a few tips for you to get rolling:

  1. Best places to insert pixel tracker depend on your aims. If it is conversion, put it to ‘Cart’ page before checkout. If it is leads, go for main content pages. Leads are best tracked by sort of ‘Thank you’ pages.
  2. Be patient with Facebook Pixel. Remember that this is a marketing research, so to get reliable results, you will need at least 1 month of it operating.
  3. To find pages best used for tracking use ‘Conversion Funnel’ technique. Start with a broad amount of pages and then narrow them step by step to check specified customer behavior.

Now you are ready to meet new Facebook Pixel tool and use it to maximize your SMM profit! We will be glad to help you with any questions or issues you have.

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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