Rubyroid Labs Team keeps shedding some light on our working processes. This time we decided to tell you how we interview Ruby on Rails Developers to join the Team. We put great effort in this process to make sure the person we hire is a great professional and person. Take a look at the questions we usually ask our applicants.Hiring a Ruby on Rails Developer is not an easy thing. It is a pretty long process, which requires a lot of work from both sides. One of our developers even created a full list of questions which could be asked at any developers interview.

But only this way allows us to deliver high-quality products and build trust between our Team and Clients.

So let’s get down to the interview itself. All questions for hiring Ruby on Rails developer can be split into 3 groups:

  • Generic questions
  • Ruby questions
  • Ruby on Rails questions

Let’s have a look at each group.

Interview Questions on Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails interview questions are where we discuss the basic understanding of programming processes and the ability to explain them. It tells a lot about the general level of the applicant.

Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming is the core thing, without which we wouldn’t be able to move forward. So knowing answers to these very basic questions is a must.

Business Applications

Besides OOP, it is important to have experience and skills in working with Business Applications. Since Rack is one of the most popular interfaces for Ruby, we prefer to ask questions about it.

Ruby Gems

And finally, no discussion about Ruby would do without the discussion of Ruby Gems. This is a perfect chance for the applicant to not only prove basic knowledge but also share his personal opinion and development preferences.

Ruby on Rails questions

Since Rubyroid Labs is focused on Ruby on Rails development, we pay great attention to this part of the interview.

It is important for us that the developer is experienced with Ruby on Rails and already has at least a few projects created with its help. We start from basic questions.

Ruby on Rails Basics

This list helps to figure out the general level of the developer. With its help, we can see not only his experience but also how well he understands all the processes and peculiarities.

Routing, Controllers and Views

After the initial part, we get into more details.

Active Record

And finally, we discuss active record as an important part of Ruby on Rails.


Generic questions

After the discussion of Ruby and Ruby on Rails is done, it is part to switch to more generic, but no less important questions.

Be sure that you check another stunning article:

Security Issues

We pay great attention to security and stability of our applications. That is why it’s important to ask the basics of information security.

Refactoring Skills

Refactoring is another big thing, which shows the real knowledge and technical level of the developer.

This way we discuss this part of development as well.

Personal Qualities

And finally, it is not only technical knowledge and skills that are important for us. Rubyroid Labs is like a family, so we really want to make sure that the new developer will fit in smoothly and will be happy with us.

Here are some questions to understand the applicant personality and his thoughts about own future:

This is already a pretty big list of questions, right? Besides that, we make sure the applicant has an advanced level of English. Our company offers outsourcing services and cooperates with a large number of international companies.

So it is important for us to make sure all our employees speak decent English and can communicate with the client fluently. And finally, besides the theoretical part, there’s also a practical task. But we would keep it as our small secret and maybe tell you about it someday later.

Rubyroid Labs is the Ruby on Rails development company. Learn more about our services.




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  1. JobExplorer Reply

    Thank you for the list of questions. I want to hire a ruby on rails programmer and don't know how to do that. Create more articles like this.

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      Nice to hear it. If you need any assistance with the ruby on rails developers interview, we are here to help.

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