Late winter and early spring are closely associated in Belarus with 2 pretty important holidays – International Men’s and Women’s Days. This is the time to cherish the other part and celebrate it all with flowers, gifts, and some tasty things. Check out the photo report on how Rubyroid Labs Team rocked it all.

The first one to celebrate is Men’s Day, which takes part on February 23.

So it is time for girls to buckle up and prepare something great for the stronger part of the Team. This time the girls, remembering that any man is Indiana Jones or at least Han Solo inside, decided to prepare a set of quests and puzzles for our guys to compete.

They even prepared a special quest wheel to pump the atmosphere up. The guys, split into 2 teams, spin the wheel and do the tasks they got. For each task completed they received game points. At the end, each team received special gifts from the girls, because there are no losers in Rubyroid Labs Team 🙂

After that, it was guys turn to show their best on International Women’s Day, which takes part on March 8. And they did. To celebrate the day they decorated the whole office with flowers, put on some nice music from La-la-land and prepared something special for all girls. Each guy from Rubyroid Labs Team cooked his signature dish, which varied from lasagne, chocolate cake and cheese quiche to some sandwiches and onion rings. The girls were supposed to guess who cooked what, and sometimes it was a pretty hard thing to do. At the end, each girl got a flower box with some sweets. Everybody left the party jolly and with a stomach full.

We love spending time together and parties like that is a grand way to strengthen the bond and see each other from the new side.


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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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