Rails has issues 2 new RC1 versions for all Rails-lovers. Let’s have a look, what has changed in Rails 5.1.3.RC1 and 5.0.5.RC1 since the previous releases.

Rails 5.1.3.RC1 Release

Though Rails 5.1.3.RC1 can’t boast of many changes introduced, some of them are really important. They are related to the following gems:

Active Record

In the previous versions, if you created records via has_many :through and then deleted child records before parent record if saved, child records would persist. Starting from Rails 5.1.3.RC1 release this has been fixed.
Besides, current_scope of a target model will no longer affect Relation#joins except for the case with unscoped


In the new version you will be able to load environment via dbconsole command, mount the same engine a number of times in different locations and enjoy the improved Rails’ test runner, which had its compatibility with minitest plugins significantly improved.

The full list of changes can be found here.

Rails 5.0.5.RC1 Release

Rails 5.0.5.RC1 also has some good news for Ruby on Rails developers:

Active Record

Active Record in Rails 5.0.5.RC1 has had similar to 5.1.3.RC1 update regarding Relation#joins and target model’s current_scope connection.

Action Pack

In Action Pack fallback of ActionController::Parameters#to_s to Hash#to_s has been introduced.


Railties in Rails 5.0.5.RC1, again similar to 5.1.3.RC1, had minitest plugins and Rails’ test runner compatibility improved. Now they co-exist much better, including e.g. pride and minitest-focus.

The full list of changes can be found here.

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