Last Saturday Rubyroid Labs had a traditional winter corporate event. This year we choose the Cyberpunk theme. Dancing between neon lights, deep techno music, clothes and makeup from the future – that’s only the small part of our event.

As the entrance zone of the event was the futuristic Japanese city views where everyone could make an awesome personal photo:

After the photo zone, you arrived at the make-up point, where everyone could make a personal Cyberpunk-look, and the Cyber Stylist, who we asked to attend us, helped to make it in the best way possible ->

Besides the make-up and photos, we had a huge VR entertainment zone, and each team member could try themselves as the music-samurai, or choose from the dozen of VR games they want to play.

In the middle of the evening, we started the competition using the high-end biotic prostheses (we bought them in the hardware store of the future), where each challenger had a number of thought competitions like drink the glass of water, clean the teeth, make and eat the burger, etc… The winner received a prize from our company!

Meanwhile, we had a Christmas gift changing game called “White Elephant”, where our team members shared and received some nice presents from their colleagues.

After the main part of the events, we turned on the futuristic techno music and started to dance in the lights of neon lamps. Check some photos:

It was an awesome evening and we thank everyone who was the part of it.
Stay tuned to see more news and photos from Rubyroid Labs Team.


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