We are happy to announce that together with the Hexlet platform, we are launching an online Ruby course. 

Hexlet interviewed CEO of Rubyroid Labs – Valentine Zavadsky and asked questions regarding the course, education, and fun in programming. 

Rubyroid Labs has been engaged in education for a long time – originally offline and in Belarus. We have already run over 23 successful offline events and the number of attendees has at times exceeded 1,300.

In the summer of 2020, our CEO Valentine Zavadsky wrote to the guys from Hexlet and offered to create an online Ruby on Rails course. 

After a long discussion, they concluded that they will create an intensive, do it once – and look at the reaction and the scaling potentialities.

The course consists of two parts: theoretical – two lectures per week, and practical – pair programming, writing of algorithms, etc. Lectures and practice will be held in Russian, the course is available worldwide. More information about the course you can find here.

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Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs

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