Are you ready for Ruby Conf BY 2017? Have some great stuff to share? Don’t miss Call for Papers and get all details inside!Ruby Conference BY 2016, sponsored by Rubyroid Labs, was just grand. It gathered more than 200 people from different corners of the world to say nothing about some really impressive speakers like Steve Klabnik from Mozilla, USA or Koichi Masada from Heroku, Japan.

Ruby Conference BY 2016: Results (and Photos!)

That is why we are so thrilled to announce that Ruby Conf BY 2017 is on its way. It will take place on April, 2 in Minsk.

So if you envision yourself as one of the speakers of the event and want to join Aaron Patterson, Charles Nutter and Bozhidar Batsov it’s high time for you to hurry up, since Call for Papers is finishing on February, 10.

Ruby Conf BY 2017: Call for Papers

The short list for the conference will be announced on March 3, 2017.

Here are a few pieces of advice on selecting a topic for your speech:

  • Talk about real-world scenarios and emphasize knowledge transfer from your experiences
  • Let people know what your talk is about through a simple and topical title
  • Provide as many details as possible
  • Think about the audience, let them know what they will take from your speech
  • Limit the scope of your talk to what you can cover in 30 minutes
  • It’s acceptable to mention your company’s product during a presentation but it should never be the focus of your talk

If you feel, that being a speaker is not for you, you still might become a great listener. Especially with early-bird-priced tickets for the event. A number of tickets is limited, so hurry up!

We are sure Ruby Conf BY 2017 will be a great event for both networking and learning something new. So see you in April in Minsk!


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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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