Ruby Conf BY is almost there! And tickets are already on sale. Get inside to learn why you cannot miss an event like this!

It is less than 2 weeks left before the main event for Belarus Ruby Community.

Ruby Conference BY 2016: Results (and Photos!)

Ruby Conf BY 2017 is on its way and unlike the majority of sequels (except, probably, Terminator 2), it is going to be even better. Just have a look at all the grand speakers we are going to have:

As you see, this time the event brings together lecturers from more than 7 countries. You will be able to learn from some leaders of the industry about:

  • JRuby,
  • Ruby 4.0,
  • Automation,
  • Flame graphs
  • Defragging Ruby and much more.

Sounds tempting? The event will take place on April 2 at SPACE. in Minsk, Oktiabrskaya street 16a. And the tickets are already on sale. The amount is limited, so you’d better hurry up.

Ruby Conf BY 2017 will become a great place to exchange some ideas, find more Ruby lovers and simply have some fun. See you there!




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