Working on your marketing strategy is important to stay on top. Learn some tips from Rubyroid Lab’s clients on how they grow their business.

1. Invest in email strategy

It is important to remind your customers about your business.

5 Easy Things to Push Your Emails to the Next Level

This helps to turn customers into recurring ones, keep them up to date with your marketing agenda and simply show that you value them.

Besides, it is important that your development Team has an access to all emails sent by the system. For example, one can forward all emails to a backup mailbox. This helps to make sure that all dynamic emails are generated correctly and the User received the correct information.

This hack also works great for troubleshooting and following the steps of an issue. Creating a separate page, where an administrator can track emails sent and organize Users in groups will be of much help too.


2. Get notifications when website is down

Make sure your website has a service installed, which would notify you when your website is down. It is especially important if you are doing international business since while you are sleeping somebody in another corner of the world might be trying to access your business.

Luckily there is a large choice of systems of this kind. Go for services like Notify Ninja, Uptime Robot or Host Tracker. Some of these can even call your mobile phone or Skype to make sure you received the message. They can inform you not only about a critical mistake, but also look into more complex issues, like faulty third-party widget and others.


3. Visualize Data

Seeing is believing. This works for data too. Instead of showing large grids of data or exporting them to Excel only, go for diagrams and graphs.

This will not only help to add some color to your marketing managers’ life but will also help them have a better control over ad campaigns and finance. Having a well-developed report system will definitely help you to manage your business operation more efficiently. Add export feature and easily use them for all sorts of meetings and presentations. If you are rooting for such solution, Rubyroid Labs will always be happy to help you with this.


4. Ask for a Feedback

Customer Feedback is probably the best and the cheapest way to learn what your audience is thinking about you. Make sure it is available online to increase the audience you cover. It can be a mobile app or an online form. But if you go for a web solution, make sure it has a responsive or adaptive design, since more and more people tend to use their phones instead of laptops.

One of our customers was giving a tablet with a survey to his customers, which they were supposed to hand one to another. After the survey became available online, the number of answers increased. A copy of customer’s answers was sent to his email if required.

The form contains many non-mandatory fields, which minimizes the number of efforts and makes User’s life much easier. For special occasions, there are free text fields, where customers can describe the issues they have encountered with. The answers received are displayed in the report, which can be exported to Excel for further analysis.


5. A/B Test Your Theories

It is good if you have experts, who can share their knowledge and experience on how to shape the product. But it is even better if all your theories are supported by statistics.

A/B tests can be of much help here. The essence here is that you create 2 versions of the same page and the system randomly show variant A or variant B.

How to Create A/B Tests that Will Actually Help Your Business

As a result, you can see which of them has a better conversion. This type of testing can be used for testing both totally new design or just a minor change on the page e.g. button color.

Besides, don’t forget to introduce Google Analytics to your website. Though its interface might look complicated in the beginning, it will provide you with invaluable insights into how customers use your website.

And to crown it all, this wouldn’t cost you a penny!


6. Launch Blog

Having a blog is great for the company. It not only shows your expertise, spreads the knowledge, but can also boost your conversion. For example, Rubyroid Labs has more 31,000 readers a year. No wonder that among them we managed to find a number of new clients as well.

5 Surprising Statistic Facts to Boost Your Marketing Today

Having a blog is a really good platform to bridge the gap between you and your customers as well as share some tips and tricks from your practice, which simply makes the world a better place.


7. Held Webinars

Another good way to share the knowledge and spread the word about your company is to held webinars.

On the one hand you are doing a good thing by teaching others to tackle an issue you are expert in. On the other hand, it is a perfect chance to get some good PR and highlight the name of your company on news websites.

It can help your business even better if you promise to hand out free coupons throughout the webinar. This will help to draw more traffic to your website and turn visitors into potential customers.


As you see, there are plenty ways to help your company grow. Which of those are you using? Share with us in the comments!


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