A new session of Ruby on Rails offline training from Rubyroid labs has just started! And we can’t tell you how excited we are. Check details inside.

Rubyroid Labs Team has plenty traditions, but the one we especially take pride in is that every year our CEO Valentine Zavadskiy and CTO Yuri Kaliada in cooperation with Minsk technical universities launch a Ruby on Rails course for future developers.

This is the 4th time the course takes place and more than 200 students have applied to get some Rails wisdom from our guys. Only 75 will pass the initial test and will be lucky to complete the course. It is a very intensive training that lasts 12 weeks with 2 lessons per week. Every year better and better-prepared students apply at the course, which creates perfect grounds for giving them even trickier tasks and digging into the most complicates issues in coding on Ruby on Rails.

By the way, all the lectures from the course are available online, so if you miss something, you can always catch up there.

As you see, we love the initiative and are super excited to spread the knowledge about our favorite coding language with the younger generation. Stay tuned!

UDP: Rubyroid Labs launched a new online course in 2021! Follow the link to learn more details.



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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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