With IT sector developing, there are more and more IT outsourcing companies appearing on the market, so making the right choice is even harder. We have picked up 10 benchmarks of a trustworthy IT outsourcing company.

Bigger choice is not always a good thing, especially if your whole business depends on that. Let’s have a look at some markers that will help you tell a reliable company from others and find a perfect partner for your business.

1. Diverse Portfolio

Actions speak louder than words, so the first thing to look at is the portfolio of your candidate company. It is a great advantage if it already has a project of similar topic or concept. If not, pay attention to the general complexity of the projects, how well they are described and whether there are any references from the previous clients. All these things significantly increase the credibility of the vendor.

2. Good Knowledge of Technologies

It is also good if a Company has a specified stack of technologies. It highlights that it takes development seriously and develops it skills purposefully. For example, our focus is on Ruby and Ruby on Rails and our clients prove the expertise in this area.

3. Pricing

Pricing also tells a lot about a company. Going for the cheapest vendor is not always a good idea since in many cases there is a hidden reason, why the company has to undercut the costs.

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Besides, good developers want to receive a good salary. So you want to get A-class specialists, be ready to pay for them accordingly.

4. Language Expertise

Outsourcing IT development in many cases means that development will be done in a different country. Please make sure that all team speaks your language and the company invests in language courses for their employees. This will not only provide you with a better communication but will also show which of the companies cares better about its employees.

5. Time Zone

One more challenge of working with an outsourcing company is different time zones. Though this challenge is easy to overcome, make sure that the company has experience of working with your time difference and developers and managers can make themselves available if required.

6. Office Availability

If the company has an office, where the whole Team works, also defy to a great extent the level of the corporate culture. With people sitting in the same room all problems are discussed better and solved quicker.

5 Secrets of Staying Productive from Rubyroid Labs Developers

Besides, by working together people get to know each other better, which improves Team spirit. And good Team makes miracles.

7. Certifications & Memberships

Don’t forget to check whether the company has passed any qualifications. It shows how serious their approach is and whether it aims to be a part of a bigger community.

Rubyroid Labs is part of Belarus High-Tech Park, which is supported by the government. It is a great honor for us to be a part of this association that includes the best IT companies in Belarus.

8. Company Age

Company age can also tell a lot about the experience and tech level of the company. Older companies tend to have more senior developers and, quite naturally, more experience. So you can feel more secure with them.

9. Business Processes Maturity

One can’t build good software without good business processes. Make sure the company you are dealing with is experienced with the chosen methodology and is able to establish good communication. Think about the amount of reporting you want: daily meetings, weekly demos, etc. and make sure the company can meet your expectations.

10. Community Contribution

And last but not the least is community contribution. The fact that the company organizes meetups & conferences, teaches courses or at least has a blog tells a lot about it.
RoR Courses 2017 from Rubyroid Labs have Started!
It means that the company is ready not only to get but to give back and build a strong community around it. This way you are dealing with experienced specialists, which also care about others a lot. And with high probability will care about your product.

We hope these pieces of advice will help you to make the right choice. And what are you looking at? Share with us in the comments below.

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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