This year celebration of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland and International Women’s Day in our company was especially emotional and memorable. Check out how Rubyroid Labs Team rocked it all.

In our company everyone loves Kebab without exception, so that is why girls decided to feed their dear colleagues with a delicious Kebab. But for the celebration to be particularly exciting, a master class was organized with doing Kebab with their own hands. Thus, everyone participated in the process, improved their cooking skills or mastered this simple technique from scratch. It turned out great!

Also, everyone received a branded cup of Rubyroid Labs with a personal picture on the reverse side, so that everyone can enjoy it every working day.

Guys created an incredible holiday atmosphere for girls! In the office we were waited by professional make-up artists who emphasized our beauty and gave us wonderful emotions. Further our dear men presented flowers, handmade chocolate and personalized cards with a nice congratulation in Belarusian! But this was only the beginning! It turned out that we were still waiting for a professional photo session in the studio with a buffet table. We had a great time and made wonderful photos.


There is no doubt that any holidays in Rubyroid Labs are a great success and leave behind wonderful and vivid memories!

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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