Protagoras once said: ‘The man is the measure of all things’. Even though a lot time has passed since the era of Greek sophists, today this saying is true like never before. We have officially entered in the era of ‘Internet of Me’. This trend has already influenced main Internet Marketing technologies and even more changes are yet to come. We have picked up for you main facts on ‘Internet of Me’ and ways to use this for the better life of your online store or project.


What is Internet of Me?

‘Internet of Me’ is the term used to describe the new approach in Internet Marketing. If previously store or service provider were in the focus of marketing technologies, now it is all about the end user. This trend is all-pervading: it is hard to find anything in the Internet that hasn’t changed. Let’s see how it works in different spheres.


Social Networks

Take for example social networks. Facebook has always been focused on the end-User. But know this focus has come to the extreme. Social networks have to develop special mechanisms of filtering information in order to provide only the most relevant information to the User. As Mark Zuckerberg once said: “A squirrel dying in front of User’s house might be much more important than children dying in Africa”. This way in terms of content websites are encouraged to display only the most relevant info, no matter what the general marketing goals are. This is where geo location, followers list and things a User likes and comments come in place. This intelligent filter creates something called ‘online echo chamber’, where User behavior generates the content he views.


Search Engines

Search engines like Google have come even further. If social networks majorly tracked the behavior only on their website itself. Google now tends to get info of all your behavior in the Internet. Such approach might be a little intrusive, but on the other hand it allows one focus exactly on the things that are connected on the specific User. This makes search results more relevant and ability to influence these results via SEO less explicit.


Online stores

Online stores are pushed most to change their approach with the trend of ‘Internet of Me’ coming in power. It is not only about adjusting the content based on audience preferences, but also about showing relevant products based on User’s previous search. In the ‘Internet of Me’ era we need to spend as little of customer’s time and effort as possible. The easier it is for him to find what he wants the better. Here comes in place business intelligence, which analyzes customer requests statistics and helps to figure out the best possible offer. Very soon online stores would have to turn themselves from a huge mall, where one has to fine something he needs to a private shopping assistant with some telepathy gift for telling what customer is looking for.


As you see ‘Internet of Me’ is a powerful trend that has already changed Internet marketing world. Hopefully, this article helped you to get a better understanding of it and get ready for the changes properly.

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Daria Stolyar is a Marketing Manager at Rubyroid Labs. You can follow her at Linkedin.

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