At the end of December, every company summarize their achievements, check the goals they reached and figure out what should be improved in the next year. During 2018, Rubyroid Labs put lots of efforts to make our clients even more happier, successful and pleased with the products and services they receive. The best index that shows that we do everything right is the reviews and scores on independent platforms such as

This year, for the first time, Clutch is releasing a new exclusive list of companies, The Clutch 1000. This list contains the top 1000 companies on the platform and we’re pleased to announce that Rubyroid Labs has made the cut! Clutch evaluates companies using a number of different factors with client feedback being the most important. For the past two years, Rubyroid Labs had maintained a perfect 5-star rating on Clutch. It would not be possible without our awesome clients. Here are some excerpts from their reviews:

They’re very proactive and bring up issues before they surface. They’re very reliable and work all the time. I get a very good feeling from them… . –PM, Sail Croatia

It doesn’t matter if we need to implement new complex functionalities or fix a difficult technical issue, they always find a solution. – CEO, RocketWash

They enjoy being challenged to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems. – Owner, Centre de Yoga: La Source


Previously, Rubyroid Labs’s performance on Clutch had earned us a spot Clutch’s list of the best Ruby on Rails developers. Clutch’s lists of the best companies in each sector are made by evaluating the quality of company’s work, their market presence, and of course, the strength of their client reviews. The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site, similarly publishes lists of the best firms in different industries. On The Manifest, we’ve been featured as one of the best ruby on rails developers and as one of the top web developers in Belarus. They are always releasing new lists of the best companies in different industries and locations. As we continue to provide our clients with industry leading web and software development, we’re sure to be featured on more lists in the future!

Rubyroid Labs team appreciated to our Clients for trust and reliability. We’ll keep moving only to the top.

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