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In our web era A/B tests have become the little, but important helpers of any online product. Unlike offline competitors, we have a unique chance to try different theories and conduct some experiments with minimum effort and funds required. So it would be a crime to deprive yourself of such a chance. But not all A/B tests are efficient. Today we will learn how to develop a good A/B test theory that will actually help your business.

Recently Gartner has published it annual CIO Agenda Report, in which it tracked all the main trends, problems and tendencies IT leaders in big companies are facing up with. We know how reluctant you are to read huge reports with tons of information (and we don’t blame you). So we have read it for you and gathered the main takeaways form the paper in a simple language. Get insights now.

Building MVP is like making a foundation for your house. It is where you start from and what defines the success of the whole project. Many entrepreneurs face difficulties here though. So we decided to start a series of articles, where we will cover all the main steps one should go through to build a successful MVP and lay the groundwork for a successful project. It will be useful for those who have already gathered the required funds or are yet thinking about the investments. Let’s start the journey now.

What can be easier than sending an email to your customer? Unfortunately, too many people think like that, and when you click the ‘Send’ button, your customers might receive an email that has too much room for improvement. We have gathered 5 great tips on how to improve your emails quickly and easy, so that even a kid can do that!

2010s have finally proved that UX influences your marketing results not less than price strategy or advertising campaign. Apple breakthrough and success to a great extent relies on high usability. But following general UX trends not always works well for you. In this article we will cover some UX tendencies of mobile applications that popular though ineffective. Get inside to learn more.