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Get Special Christmas Pack from Rubyroid Labs!

Get Special Christmas Pack from Rubyroid Labs!

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What can be better than Christmas presents? Early Christmas presents! Rubyroid Labs Team decided to pamper you early with special Christmas Pack for Ruby on Rails development. Check details inside!

Get a SPECIAL OFFER for Ruby on Rails Development Pack Trial that saves money and hours and gives you everything you need to hire a new team smoothly.
Special Ruby on Rails development pack includes:

  • Senior developer work (20h)
  • Investigation of the project (10h)
  • Application Setup (4h)
  • Code quality report (4h)
  • Execution development plan (4h)
  • Consulting and NDA signing (4h)
  • Design prototyping (4h)

Save $800 with this limited time offer (valid in 2016 only).

Get all these services for $1200 only. Just use promo code “Christmas Ruby” in your order.

Christmas spirit is already in the air. Contact us if you have any questions or you simply want to wish us happy holidays!

Vera Rabkina

Business Analyst at Rubyroid Labs



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