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E-Commerce Online Store

Presli is the e-commerce platform with the focus on selling the clothes for woman of all ages. It has a simple design and complex functionality


3 full-stack developers

1 support developer

1 project manager


2015 — present

Noticeable Results

One of the largest online apparel stores in the CIS region. Fully automated business processes for customers and employees. More than 1.500.000 visitors per month.


traffic increased


team growth


total turnover increased


The founder of Presli came to Rubyroid Labs on the recommendation of his friend, with an urgent project: the сreation of a modern online store with an order management system. Complete creation of both retail orders and mail orders starting with the order of the product from the manufacturer and ending with the shipping of the completed order to the customer. Increase the engagement of online visitors, it was necessary to integrate the new system with various services, social networks and online an consultant system.


The target audience of the site are a women, ages from 30 to 55, who are just starting to master new technologies. That means that platform and interface should be simple and user-friendly, so that even non-experienced PC users can be comfortable with it.

Since the project had to be completed as soon as possible, it was decided to divide the development into three stages.

First stage - planning and analysis of needs and objectives of the customer. Affecting the smallest details of requests to the application, we were able to identify the basic features which are necessary to implement and could make a detailed map of the site.

Second stage - web development. Based on the selected mockup design, the web application was developed as well as the following functions were introduced:

—  Payment system integration ( WebPay, Visa, MasterCard )

—  Social networks integration

—  User-friendly shopping bag

—  Convenient catalog with plenty filters

—  Full-functioning online store

—  Retail Rocket, Unisender automated services integration

—  Custom admin panel relevant to the company's business processes

Third stage - testing and launch of the project. Conducting QA testing was a necessary condition for the correct functioning of the platform. After approval of the project, team Presli was traineto worwitestablished E-commercsystem for fulcycle management of their business.

After the successful start, we keep adding new functionality to the system. Provide integration of various advertising (Google, Yandex CPA networks), analytical (Google and Yandex analytics) and marketing (Retail Rocket, Unisender) tools and services.


Every day stand-up



Task Tracking



How It Looks



Modern and clean homepage.

Convenient navigation system.

International payment and delivery options.

Product page with all necessary information.

Registration system with mobile auth.

One-click "add to basket" system.

Understandable and informative basket section.


Thanks to the development of the new E-commerce system, convenient content management, integration with social networks, Presli were able to become the CIS leaders in the sale of women's clothing online, achieve high community engagement level and get great conversion rates. Nowadays, the site visits about 1,500,000 people per month with with the possibility to support more than 2000 online on the special days. Rubyroid Labs continues to support and supplement the new features for Presli.


Hear from the Customer

Dzmitry Harbuzau

CEO Presli

Today, as a result, we have a functioning, “standing on Rails” and having a way on “train” project, the online store to be specific. The guys from Rubyroid Labs joined our “carriage”, and listened to all our requirements and problems. It has already been more than a year since we solved all of the current issues and as well as future issues. We have never heard from Rubyroid Labs that something is impossible!

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