Privacy & cookies policy

privacy policy

explains how Rubyroid Labs collects, uses, and stores personal data of Rubyroid Labs website visitors.
Personal information we collect and use
Rubyroid Labs may collect the personal data that you provide to it — for example, when you send a message to Rubyroid Labs via email or contact form on Rubyroid Labs websites, or respond to an email from Rubyroid Labs.When submitting your inquiry on Rubyroid Labs websites, you agree to share your personal information with Rubyroid Labs. This information may include, but is not limited to, your full name, email address, phone number, and organization that you are affiliated with.When contacting Rubyroid Labs through live chats on its websites, you may be asked for information such as, but not limited to, your name and email address. This information is required for us to process inquiries that can’t be processed immediately. When you provide your personal information in a live chat with Rubyroid Labs, you give us the right to process that information.Rubyroid Labs uses cookies to collect details of your visits to its websites such as, but not limited to, the pages you visited, the date, time and duration of your visit and/or your IP address, the browser that you use to view our pages and its version, your operating system and its version, and your city and state.In line with our data collection policy, we collect the minimal information necessary to process your inquiries.Rubyroid Labs has no intent to collect sensitive information through its websites unless we are legally required to do so. By sensitive information we understand race or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, political views, membership in professional unions, physical or psychological health, genetic and biometric data, sexual life or sexual orientation, and criminal records.When submitting an inquiry on Rubyroid Labs websites, you consent to the use of your data by Rubyroid Labs. We will only use your information for the purpose of business interactions between Rubyroid Labs and you and/or the organization that you represent. These include, but are not limited to, processing your inquiries, providing you with personalized offers, and sharing information related to your inquiry with you. The use of your information for purposes other than those stated is possible only upon your consent, given in a free, specific, informed and unambiguous manner.We use OptinMonster, a third-party application that collects email addresses and names of our website users to send content at their request and with their approval. By entering your email to receive content, you agree to this use of your name and email address. By using our website, you agree to accept our cookies, which are essential for us to ensure an uninterrupted experience for you and to comply with data processing regulations.
How Rubyroid Labs uses your personal data
The personal data that you share with Rubyroid Labs may be used by Rubyroid Labs to communicate with you on business-related issues. We may use it to process your inquiries, request additional information and share information related to your inquiries with you.Your data is stored and processed in compliance with national and international regulations and can be shared with public authorities by request or upon court order.The purposes of using the personal data that you share with Rubyroid Labs may include, but are not limited to:
  • management of Rubyroid Labs websites
  • analysis of user behavior on Rubyroid Labs websites to improve user experience
  • identification of the organization that you are affiliated with
  • the sending of marketing content, which includes event announcements, business information, newsletters, eBooks and other materials on the basis of the consent given
  • other purposes of which you will have been specifically informed.
Rubyroid Labs does not share its website users’ information with third parties for marketing purposes.
Cookies are tiny text files that are downloaded to your computer or any other device that you are using to view Rubyroid Labs websites. Using cookies is a common practice for almost all professional websites.For more information about cookies, please refer to this Wikipedia article.Rubyroid Labs uses cookies to record your IP address, track your journey through our websites and memorize your operating system and user settings. Additional cookies are downloaded only if you agree to use them. Cookies that are critical for the functionality of Rubyroid Labs websites are downloaded by default as you visit our websites.We use Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica, third-party tools by Google and Yandex, to analyze website traffic and your interactions with Rubyroid Labs websites. This helps us further improve your experience as a website user.Rubyroid Labs may use cookies to memorize your choices while using our websites, such as your consent to use cookies.We use Crisp, a third-party provider, to enable live chats on Rubyroid Labs websites. These chats collect cookies that allow us to see which of our pages you visit, the browser you are using to access them, your operating system and its version, your IP address and the attributes of your location such as your country, state, province, city and other.The legal basis for Rubyroid Labs to use cookies to remember your choices on our websites and for analytics is your automatic consent as you continue to use our websites.When Rubyroid Labs uses cookies to remember your choices or for analytics, the legal basis for that use is your consent. You can disable analytics cookies in the settings of your browser or by visiting
Data storage
The data that you share with Rubyroid Labs is stored as long as it is required to ensure the functionality of our websites, fulfill the activities it is used for and comply with regulations imposed by national and international authorities and our legal obligations.Rubyroid Labs may also store your data if that is required to maintain our business processes and improve our services. There are three criteria that define how long we will store your data:
  1. the length of time that we need your data to provide services and operate business
  2. the type of the data in question
  3. legal, contractual or similar data storage obligations (these could be public regulations, state orders or legal dispute–resolving activities)
Once your data no longer meets any of the aforementioned criteria, we will anonymize or destroy it. Rubyroid Labs may continue to store your information in an anonymized, generic and secure manner if we think we might need it later.Under particular circumstances, data protection laws give you the right to take the following actions:
  • access your personal data by request
  • edit your personal data collected by Rubyroid Labs
  • erase your personal data when there are no technical or legal reasons for us to continue storing it
  • object to your personal data being processed in line with our legitimate interest or those of a third party when you think that processing your personal data affects your fundamental rights and freedoms
  • restrict the processing of your personal data
  • have your personal data transferred to you or a third party
  • withdraw your consent for Rubyroid Labs to process your personal data at any time. This will not make the processing of your data before the withdrawal unlawful, but it will affect your further experience of using our websites and affiliated products and services.
We try to process all legitimate requests within one month. If your request is more complex than usual or you have made multiple requests, it may take us longer to handle it. In this case, we will notify you and keep you up to date.For any questions related to your privacy, personal data and related rights as a user of Rubyroid Labs websites, please send an email to [email protected].If your location is in the EU, we will ensure due protection whenever your personal data is transferred outside the EU. The transfer may be regulated by European Commission–approved contracts that impose the same data protection standards as those mandatory in the EU. To learn more, please send us an email to [email protected].