Few weeks ago, one of the largest Russian code-learning platforms “Hexlet” took an interview with CEO of Rubyroid Labs – Valentine Zavadsky. During this online Q&A session, guys from Hexlet asked Valentine a bunch of questions regarding leading the Ruby on Rails development company, programming, and Ruby on Rails in general.

Here are the noticeable questions you’ll find answers on
(unfortunately Q&A session is in Russian. However, we’ll be happy to answer your questions in the comments section) :

  • How does Valentine develop Rubyroid Labs departments?
  • Do our team uses Docker? What does he think about Docker + Ruby?
  • What is his opinion regarding remote workers? Relocation to Minsk?
  • What are the approaches Rubyroid Labs team uses to work with monolith apps?
  • Is Ruby dead?
  • Advice to the junior developers or to someone who plans to get into the IT development?
  • And many more (more than 30 questions actually…)

What was the most interesting question?
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