Marketing tips and tricks

Generation Y is a term that is used to name the kids born in late 90s early 00s. Today millenials have come in their teen years with more choice freedom and more pocket money. In the first 2 quarters of 2015 Generation Y shoppers have amounted to 31% of all online buyers. We have looked into this phenomenon and found a few keys to Generation Y heart.

We are busy sometimes and have no time for tracking all the hot news. Rubyroid Labs Team have carefully read all the tech newsfeeds of the last 2 weeks and have picked up the most influential and important pieces of news for you. Please enjoy our Top IT news September 1 – September 14.

Modern IT Market is like a live organism: it grows up and becomes more sophisticated with every year. Tracing main market trends helps one to make sure their IT project is on the right way of development. Besides, it is a great chance to learn how one can achieve even better marketing results. No matter whether you own a small online store or a complex IT solution, this article will be useful to you.