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Layer Cake is a B2B iOS real estate data accumulation app that aggregates data and provides location analysis to help entrepreneurs rent or build a premise in the best area for their business. Filters, analytical, and comparison tools make the investigation more flexible and effortless.


march 2016 - january 2020




real estate


1 Full-Stack developer

1 iOS developer

1 Project manager

enhanced usability through the iPad app
increase in data accumulation
target partnership
challenged to scale the real estate data accumulation app
When Rubyroid Labs took over the project, the main issue was the legacy code received from previous developers. The quality and structure did not meet quality standards which could affect the scaling of the application in the future.
layercake challenge
Also, there was a need to enhance the speed and quality of data accumulation and develop new features.
layercake developing
developing new features and refactoring legacy code
As the first step of real estate app development, our team refactored the legacy code. We implemented new and improved architecture solutions.

The next step was to accumulate a HUGE amount of data about objects and particular areas from different resources (Google Places, ReCity, etc.)

The information updates in real-time and helps customers choose the most valuable place for their business needs. Users get the full report about:

  • transportation
  • population
  • number of businesses in that area
  • average household income
Challenge image 4
Challenge image 5
delivered features
  • interactive map with variables of filters and information overlay
  • a-b navigation and transport analytics
  • pdf report export
  • automobile and human logistics overview
  • business search and analytics
  • chosen objects “SpiderWeb” analysis
  • “team work” feature with the ability to work with your partners in one space
  • youtube broadcasting
features info 7
features info 6
We have weekly calls with the Layer Cake team in the Chicago time zone. During these meetings, we discussed the scope of work and ideas.
If there is a need for new features, our team investigates the technical documentation before the development. Then, after tests and reviews, new functionality goes on the production server.

During the past few years, the owners of Layer Cake were able to scale their software significantly. Layer Cake is a platform where business owners receive a complex analysis of the location they want to develop. As a result, it helps them to get the maximum from their investment in real estate.

Because of our teamwork, Layer Cake achieved a partnership with one of the most significant retail networks, Target.

result image
They’ve been exceptionally committed to providing quality engineering. In addition, Rubyroid’s technical leadership has been integral in providing forward-thinking guidance, allowing our real estate database management software to scale, and avoiding legacy issues that may have otherwise been crippling. I look forward to continued growth as a company with Rubyroid at our side.
Kyle McLean, CTO Layer Cake, USA
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