Custom CRM Development

Automate your sales processes efficiently and multiply your success
CRM Integration
Gather all your software in one highly effective tool.
Custom CRM from scratch
Help your idea become real. We will develop your custom solutions from scratch according to the specific needs of your business.
Migration to CRM
We take your data from current tools and organize it in a format which will be suitable for your new CRM software.
Feature and specific modules
Implement new features or integrations to your existing system.
Rewriting and Refactoring
Make your outdated code great again. We will refactor your old code and help with migration to new platforms.
Team Scaling
Choose experienced developers to work on your CRM development process.
If your business is going to last you definitely need to consider CRM systems.
Pavel Nahorski,Business Development Manager

Off the shelf vs custom CRM solution

Use the right tools for the purpose of your business
Off the shelf
Custom CRM
Low. You purchase a package of preexisting features
High. You are able to choose the exact features for your business
Cost Effectiveness
Low. You pay for each new user monthly/yearly and additional payments for new features
High. You pay one time for the features you would like to have and can apply it to all users
Low. Limited by platform and the development team
High. You always know what is going on with your codebase and can scale or update the system
Development Speed
High. Quick adding of new modules or prebuilt features
Low. Could take some time for implementation of new features
Low. Limited by platform
High. You are free to do anything you want
Integration and Synchronization
Low. Limited by platform
High. Choose any integration or tool you would like to add
Low. Dozens of different features
High. Use only features you need for reaching your goals
Low. Your sensitive information is under protection of platform vendors
High. Your sensitive information is under your protection
Develop your own solution

Possible integrations

Implement any CRM to your existing software
Synchronize your CRM services with new existing tools so you can save your time for things that matter.
Scale your CRM with any features you would like
Connect world-class tools with your CRM system and increase the effectiveness of your sales, marketing, and business analysis processes.


We know how to do it right
Developed CRMs
Consult our expert team about your ideas and speed up the development of your future application.
Customer satisfaction
Check our perfect reputation among our clients.
Years of work
We formed in 2013. We continue to learn new things and help clients around the world.
Technology focus
We focus on Ruby development and use modern frontend technologies to deliver the best results for your business.
Responsive solutions
Desktop and mobile. Keep your whole team in sync while on the go.
Specific industries
As a CRM development company, we have provided services to Real Estate, Automotive, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Travel, etc. industries.

CRM Development Services Technology

Over the course of more than seven years in providing custom CRM development services to companies of all sizes, we have tested an array of technologies. This resulted in the creation of a curated tech stack which allows us to implement some of the most unusual requests from businesses in a cost-efficient manner.

We draw on Ruby on Rails to build web CRMs that are scalable and highly secure. React Native is our choice of framework for developing mobile CRMs as native-feeling apps.

Want to learn more about the technologies we use?

Developed CRM solutions

Check the results which were delivered to our clients

Clients’ Testimonials

Be confident about your expectations

Rubyroid Labs has provided great custom crm development services at all stages of the development - starting from the preparation of technical specification, ending with the support and maintenance of the project. Any problems were solved really fast and with expected results. Now we see our system as we wanted to: fast, stable and secure.

Andrew Boriskin

Founder Rocket Wash

At first we only thought about creating a custom CRM system for Sail Croatia, we did not even think that the results will be SO good. After implementing them, we see a constant growth of our business, manual work reduced by 70% and the speed of processing of the requests increased significantly.

Justin Christensen

Project Manager Sail Croatia

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