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We develop and design mobile apps with superior results
React Native
Changing the technologies
If you want to switch from Java to Kotlin or from Objective C to Swift our mobile development team will do it with the best possible solutions.
Mobile app from scratch
Whether you are looking for Hybrid or Native custom mobile application development we are ready to help you.
Make your outdated code great again. We will do a refactoring of your old code and help with migration on new technologies.
Feature and specific modules
Implement new features or integrations to your existing app.
Team scaling
Choose experienced developers to work on your mobile app development process.
By combining our expertise and technologies we develop solutions which solve real problems of the modern world.
Alexandr Fomich,Mobile Developer

React Native vs Native (IOS, Android)

Make your wise decision for your app development
React Native
Native (IOS, Android)
Development Speed
High. You use one code for building applications for Android and IOS.
Low. Need to write code for each individual platform.
Integration and Synchronization
Low. Does not support all APIs.
High. Support all APIs.
Community Support
Low. More young technology with a limited amount of support.
High. Lots of resources and answers if you are facing with some problems.
High. Suitable for simple apps.
Low. AR/VR, big data mining and etc. require more power of native technologies.
Low. Limited by platform
High. You are free to do anything you want
High. A web developer can deep into mobile development quickly by using familiar Java Script concepts.
Low. Need learn own rules of the platforms.
Low. Fast but not suitable for heavy calculations.
High. Good for complex applications
Low. Easier to support one codebase.
High. Require more attention.
High. The development for both platforms require only one codebase. So it's quicker and easier for a development.
Low. Require more efforts for the development
Develop your own App

Preferred technologies

Develop outstanding apps

We know how to do it right
Developed Apps
Use the expertise of our team to consult on your ideas and speed up the development of your future application.
Customer satisfaction
Check our perfect reputation among our clients.
Years of work
We formed in 2013. Our agency continues to learn new things and help clients around the world.
Responsive solutions
Desktop and mobile. Keep your whole team in sync on the go.
Modern Solutions
We are looking to use latest technologies for Android and IOS development.
Specific industries
We have a deep experience in working with Real Estate, Automotive, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Travel, etc. industries.
How this process works
Usearrows on your keyboard to start the journey
Clickon the steps to start the jorney
Tell us your ideas

Tell us about your business goals. Together we will discuss the ideas. It would be great to see some notes or sketches. Feel free to provide anything you have that will help us understand your ideas.

The best way is to provide a detailed specifications. Don’t worry if you don’t have any. We will help you organize it in the best way.

Help us to understand your business
You will be asked clarifying questions. Our goal is to be on the same page as you. A clear understanding of your business model and system will guarantee you a winning solution for your business later. In some situations, the help of a business analyst will be needed for creating additional documentation.
Get Estimates
As a result of the first two steps you will get a quote for the development of the whole project. This quote will have a breakdown for each specific feature, timeline team structure, technology choice for the solution and other useful information. This document will help you make a final decision before moving further and will show the whole picture for the project development.
Project management
Once all documents are signed and everyone is ready to start working it’s very important to decide who will be responsible for the project’s management. You can choose if you want to manage the development teams yourself or whether you would like us to manage them. In the second scenario, a project manager will be assigned to the project. This person will be the main link between you and the developers. His job is to make sure that everything moves according to your plan and that all deadlines are followed. You can sleep well knowing that your project is under control.
The design is what connects you with your audience. With the help of our expert, you will be covered in all UX/UI aspects. After developing sketches, wireframes, and prototypes you will get an elegant and user-friendly application.
The development

Custom web development phase starts once all requirements are gathered. Whether an MVP or complex enterprise solution a professional team with experience similar to your project will take control of the development.

According to the type of methodology that you prefer we will deliver progress builds enabling you to review our work in a timely manner. Besides that, if desired, you will be updated with all steps developers take. Our main aim here is to make the process transparent for your convenience.

Code review
It is important to make sure that the code follows strict technological rules of industry best practices. That is why we require that another expert at the company double check the code.
Everything should work great. Any mistake can cost you money and your reputation. Quality assurance helps locate all potential issues of the app before launching it. If something doesn’t work or needs to be improved we will go back to the previous phase.
The date your app goes live! We will track and analyze the results you get. If something goes wrong we’ll solve it as soon as possible.
Be calm and sleep well while we track all your progress. Feel free to add more and more features to your app. Our full specter of web development services is open for your business needs.
How this process works 1 Idea 2 Clarification 3 Estimates 4 Project management 5 Design 6 Development 7 Code review 8 Testing 6 9 Production 10 Maintenance
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Performance of FSP app exceeded our expectations. It was top-ranked in AppStore and Google Play for more than a week. Thanks to Rubyroid Labs, quality of the application was great, everything worked fast, smooth and bug-free. After the festival, we received a bunch of positive feedback from visitors.

Marina Beketova

Account Director Pocket Rocket

They’re a very responsive mobile app development company and will address problems whenever they arise… they’ve been excellent.

Kyle McLean

CTO Layer Cake

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